Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Update on 101 in 1001 (Oct. 2014)

Since starting the 101 in 1001 I figured monthly I should update you all on my progress.  (read: hold myself accountable!)

Working on:

14.  Do eight Pinterest inspired pins (1/8)

One of the cute Halloween ideas I saw on Pinterest sparked my attention.  It was simple and didn't involve a whole lot of work or money.  We did a test on one and here it is.

It's called Glowing eyes.  You take toilet paper tubs or paper towel tubes and cut eyes in them. Put take on one end of the tub then crack and shake a glow stick to get it going, drop it in and tape over the other end.  Put them in creepy places around your yard.  The creeper the place the better.

15.  Make three Christmas Ornaments for our tree (1/3)

Last year I made 2 of these candy cane crafts.  Then got bored and moved on.  While I was reorganizing and cleaning I stumbled upon all the materials and decided to give it another go.  I ended up making a dozen of them.  Not too shabby.  Hopefully they won't look too bad on the tree.

19.  Eat one vegetarian meal per month throughout this project (2/31)  

I made slow cooker Three Bean Chili.  It was just ok.  Not sure I will make it again.

20.  Bake something new every month throughout this project (sweet or savory) (2/31) 

So I went with a safe choice after the Chili wasn't that great.  I went with Spinach Lasagna roll ups.  It was yummy!  Maybe even better than spinach stuffed shells.  The filling to noodle ratio hit the spot!  This is a redo for sure!

22.  Cook...  Ten new dinners (1/10) 

With hubby's help we did homemade spring rolls.  It was a lot easier to make than I thought it was.

57.  Watch 25 movies that hubby recommends that I have not seen. (2/25)

Lets start with Wreck it Ralph.  It was a rather cute kids movie.  I thought it was slow to start but it pulled me back in.  Its one I'm not running out to buy but if it was on I wouldn't turn it off.  I'd give it a B-.  The second movie we watched was Warm Bodies.  I don't do scary movies and I'm not into the zombie thing.  However, this was a pretty good one.  It's a solid B in my book for its unique plot line even if it does involve zombies.

79.  Learn 100 signs and be able to use them with Bear. (10/100) 

So far there I have been relearning common terms to use with Bear.  While I did learn (well relearn) more than 100 signs over the past few weeks I will only count them as complete when Bear can sign them back.  He has learned and uses:

Milk (for his sippy cup), More, Sleep, Diaper (also used for potty), Puppy (well dog really), Mama, Dada, Eat, Book and Elephant.

He is working on "good morning," "goodnight," and "car."  So far I am happy with his progress.  My hopes in doing baby sign is to give him a way to communicate what he wants when he is unable to speak or say the word he means.  This is not to replace him from speaking but to keep his frustration low while giving him a useful skill.  The way it works is that as he gains the ability to say the words he is signing he will rely on the signs less and less.  He will still have the knowledge and I will still practice the signs with him even if he uses the verbal words.  I'll take this as far as he wants to go with it once he is full talking.


I did not complete any items this past month but I did miserably fail one.  I'll share that now.

99.  Keep the Kitchen/coffee/end tables all clear of clutter for one full month. 

We started out the month just fine.  I cleaned off everything that didn't belong and even brought out the old english to condition the tables and make them look like new.  The first week was pretty easy.  We both liked the way it looked tried to keep it that way.  Then we had some papers that got stacking on the corner of the table.  It was cutter per say as I was using them daily to deal with the washer drama.  Two weeks in and we were going strong cleaning up the tables every night.  That's when life got the best of us and one night of not cleaning turned into "where did the end table go?" So with that miserable fail I shall start again this month and see how we do.  I suspect this will be the hardest one of them all. 

So this is where I am.  Plugging along and hopefully completing more next month.

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