Friday, November 7, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

We decided that we want to make the most of whatever time we have left here and get out and do things.  Part of this included going to visit a near by Zoo.

It was pretty small and frankly there weren't that many "exciting" things to see but we did enjoy ourselves quite a bit.  Mainly we talked and meandered our way around the labyrinth of exhibits.

It was a rather cool day so many of the animals were bedded down in their huts or out sunning themselves.  Bear well he was bundled up in the jogging stroller enjoying all the sights.  

Throughout the Zoo there were all these wood carvings that I seemed to find more interesting than anyone else seemed to find.

These were the American Alligator.  This guy was huge.  When he started moving it kind of freaked me out.  

This Jaguar was vocal and not shy when people came up.  We all jumped back a bit when he leaped up onto the log.  Bear  just stared at him wondering what the heck all the fuss was about.

Just outside the Louisiana Habitat was where they had all the Halloween festivities the night before.  Since it was all still up we decided to snap a few pics with the decorations.

The Bobcats were a bit active which gave us something to see more than just animals sunning themselves.  After about a dozen none active animals it can get a bit boring.  However these guys (or gals) were up walking around, checking things out before they laid down for some relaxation.

The cayman were also a bit more active than I expected.

The snakes of Louisiana exhibit was not my cup of tea.  It didn't help that you had to walk into a dark hut with these heavy rubber flaps that hung down.  Walking into the unknown where I know snakes are doesn't sit well with me.

The teacher in me never stops working  and it was never more evident than when I started mentions the animal tracks on the walkway to Bear.  Talking all about them to him, mentioning the shapes, different sizes, the animals that made them, etc.  Hubby looks over to me and starts laughing because he's only 15months old, in a stroller, and far more interested in chewing on his toy than anything I am saying.  Oh well If he was 3 he would have loved all of my chattering.

The Bear was one of my favorites of the day!  He (or she) was playing in the water having a grand old time.

One of the last exhibits was the Tigers.  These were very vocal and active the closer we got to them.  Bear loved this!  He loved seeing the big cats and hearing them brought a huge smile to his face. 

When we were done with the zoo we headed out for some lunch and let Bear run around for a bit before running errands.


  1. SO fun! Glad you had a good time. :)

    1. Thank you. We really did. It is worth checking out.

  2. So fun! I wish we had a zoo nearby. The closest is like an hour away.

    1. This one was about an hour away from us but then again everything it about that far away. Our town has very little.


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