Monday, November 10, 2014

The reality of injections

First I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me emails and messages.  I greatly appreciate them and the all the prayers/well wishes everyone is sending out for us.

OK onto today's topic.  The reality of injections.

We a box of medicine delivered to the house that needs to be signed for then gone through immediately.  

Don't be frightened. The big needles are just for transferring liquid and mixing medicine. I only deal with the small needles.  The ones that go in the belly.  Also known as subcutaneous injections.  These in particular are for the trigger shots.

Inside the box is the medicine that stays in the fridge (follistim).  The injections are in pen form.  There is a small cartridge you put in the pen that contains the medicine, dial it up to the dosage, and finally add a new needle (those pink things).  Then you are ready to give yourself the medicine.  I also keep alcohol wipe in there as well because I like a nice little one stop shop to get it over with quickly before I have enough time to freak myself out with it.

Like I said it needs to be refrigerated so I keep on what I declared months ago as the baby's shelf in the fridge.  It's where all of Bear's food, formula and teething toys area. It was only upon posting this pic here that I realized they were on top of the eggs.  Hehe, how very fitting.  I swear this was not intentional.  It was just the only flat place where I didn't have to worry about it getting crushed.

And finally, this lovely thing has now taken up residency on my kitchen counter.  I hide it in a cabinet or in the master bathroom when company comes.  Frankly, no one wants to see that and I certainly don't want to be asked about it by everyone who visits my home.

So basically it's presence isn't as bad as one thinks.  I don't have boxes of this crap laying around and don't even use the injection more than 1 time a day for however many days (typically 3-5 days) that the doctor tells me to.  Over all while injections suck in general, I try to remember that the ends justify the means.  Just don't ask me about that shortly after I get one ;)


  1. I still have my injection pen from when we were at Bragg...I know they are in my future again.

    1. I had to recently go through all of the stuff from the cycles we did ttc Bear and clear them out. Its amazing what I decide to be a pack rat with. Prayers for you my friend.


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