Monday, November 3, 2014

Sad Halloween Decorations

I was inspired to step up my "holiday game" if you will, this year when it comes to decorating.  I never really did much in the way of decorations for any holiday.  In fact all of our decorations fit neatly in two rather small bins.  The majority of that stuff being Christmas items.  That's not a bad thing as I just assume people collect and grow their decor over the years.  Adding a few pieces here and there every year.

However, since Bear is getting older I feel more of a need to play up all the holidays.  Make them bigger more exciting things that he can enjoy.  I want him to have fond memories of the house filled with decorations, music playing and holiday activities he gets do or make.   I want him to get excited when he hears "the monster mash" playing in the house.  I want him to love seeing all the decorations and helping put them up!  All things I want my kid to experience.  

This year I scrambled two days before Halloween to find things to decorate the back of a pickup truck for trunk or treat.  It was sad folks.  So much so I didn't even bother to take a picture.  Which frankly wouldn't matter because I basically did the exact same decorations at our house. 

Thankfully Bear was more excited about walking from house to house to pick out a piece of candy and drop it in his bucket (a skill he recently mastered) than he was in the decorations.  Even the super scary house on the block didn't phase him. Next year I don't know that this will be the same so I went out the day after Halloween to find some new (and cheap) Halloween decorations.  Of course we went to target.

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't take a pic of Bear at said Target.

So we found a decent amount of stuff all 50% or more off.  I picked up some more of the cob wed stuff, a pre-lit spider web, and some purple and orange lights.

This isn't a lot but it's a start!  That's what counts to me.

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