Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 Days of Thankfulness (days 26-30)

Last year I posted a picture per day that represented things I was thankful for.  It was a way for me to pinpoint even one little thing that I was thankful every day even if the day was going all wrong.  This year I am doing the same both on IG and on here.

You can see more here.

Day 26: I am thankful that we both have patience
when things don't go as planned.

Day 27: I am thankful for family who wants to visit us
even in the middle of nowhere.

Day 28: I am thankful to be done with Christmas Shopping.

Day 29: I am thankful for time spent playing cards,
even if I didn't win.

Day 30:  I am thankful for my little family.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sneak peek of the felt playhouse

I can't believe I am about to say this but I will be taking a huge crafting project.  
One I'm not even sure how it will turn out but I'm excited to jump in with both feet.

I will be making a felt playhouse.

Yup you read that correctly. This newbie wants to jump into a massively overwhelming project.

So here is my idea...

I wanted something more for a Boy so I went with a Garage or Shed idea.

This a quick sketch of my plans for the playhouse.  I haven't decided yet if I want to use PVC pipes as the frame or if I want to just pick up a card table.  I'm sure it will all come down to price and space in the end.  

Now I am off to Home Depot for some price checking.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

30 Days of Thankfulness (days 21-25)

Last year I posted a picture per day that represented things I was thankful for.  It was a way for me to pinpoint even one little thing that I was thankful every day even if the day was going all wrong.  This year I am doing the same both on IG and on here.

You can see previous ones by clicking here.

Day 21: I am thankful the power outage didn't last long.
I did get some good reading in during it.

Day 22:  I am thankful he loves books.

Day 23: I am thankful that my hair grows quickly.
Never will I cut my hair short again!
Lesson Learned.

Day 24: I am thankful for a reliable car.

Day 25: I am thankful for a well stocked commissary.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Meal planning Monday - Turkey day week

its thanks giving this week but you may notice a complete lack of anything traditional.  Including a Turkey.  With my In-Laws coming into town for the holiday we figured that since they don't care what they eat and neither do we that we will make whatever we want!

Zuppa di Pesce

Cajun Shrimp Boil

Korean BBQ - Bulgogi, pickled Daikon and carrots, kimchi, rice, and lettuce cups

Farmers Market Casserole

Turkey Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

Ravioli Skillet

Red Bean and Rice

Freezer Meal (yes I plan these or they don't get used)

For Breakfast and Lunches it is sort of a fiend for yourself deal during the week. There is always eggs, bagels, bread, cold cuts, salad stuff (lettuce, carrots, etc), things to make chicken salad, can soups, and freezer meals I made for one.    

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Update on 101 in 1001 (Nov. 2014)

101 update Nov 2014


64.  Start a college fund for Bear.
We opened up a savings account for him and have been steadily putting money into it.  Will if cover all of his college by the time he goes, not likely however it will be a decent chunk of money that can be used towards it.

Working on

3. Develop 5 new family traditions (0/5)

This year we decided that we want to put together a box that we as a family can open after dinner (or in our case, Snack plate dinner) on Christmas Eve.  In it will be a Christmas movie, popcorn or some other treat, and winter pajamas for everyone.  We plan to make the movie something that is age appropriate to little ones.  This year I picked up "Spot's Magical Christmas."  It's simple and something Bear will get.  There is also the fact that he is obsessed with puppies.  I also picked him up a fleece sleeper that has moose on it.  I want to avoid giving a Christmas pjs as I want them to be able to be worn even after Christmas.  Not that my I have any problem putting my kid in holiday themed stuff after the holiday is over.  Um hello Halloween shirts that Bear is still rocking!

19. Eat one vegetarian meal per month for this project. (4/31)

This month I made manicotti.  Spinach stuffed manicotti to be exact.  It was yummy! 

Before Baking

20.  Bake something new every month for this project (sweet or savory) (4/31)

Since I missed last months I must make up for this with 2 this month.

The first dish I Bake this month was a repeat however I altered it enough that I think I can count it again.

baked Hash browns, browned sausage,
diced bell peppers, and grated cheese.

Now for the egg mixture.

This is a dish I have tried over and over again to make this recipe or some version of this work.  I am going to give it one last shot next week.  I'm going to try to cook the hash browns in my cast iron skillet before putting them in the baking dish with everything else.

The second thing I baked this month is Strawberry oatmeal Bars.  I didn't take any pictures of it because honestly it was sickeningly sweet.  You couldn't eat more than one small it was that sweet.  I won't be making these again.  Oh well.

57.  Watch 25 movies that hubby recommends that I have not seen (3/25).

We watched "Up" this month and I will say it was pretty good.  Spoiler alert!!  I was rather shocked at how dark and evil the explorer was but I guess that accounts for the PG rating.  Also does anyone know what happened to Russell's father or family for that matter?  It was never addressed which bothers me for some reason.  I guess you could assume that his father left his mom or that they got a divorce but with it being mention so much why not address it!

97.  Organize my craft closet and sell/donate anything I won't use.

Since we are attempting to get rid of our "storage" room this meant that I needed to go through my crafts that were in 10 different boxes.  I managed to bring that down to fit into (poorly) into the cabinet we had.  I put the fabric and yarn into bags which brings me down to just 4 boxes of craft stuff at the end of the day.  That is still a lot I want to do but that works for now.

Friday, November 21, 2014

30 Days of Thankfulness (day 16-20)

Last year I posted a picture per day that represented things I was thankful for.  It was a way for me to pinpoint even one little thing that I was thankful every day even if the day was going all wrong.  This year I am doing the same both on IG and on here.

You can see more here.

Day 16:  I am thankful for home cooked meals.
(even if I am the one making it)

Day 17:  I am thankful for time spent chatting with a new friend.

Day 18:  I am thankful they get along so well!

Day 19:  I am thankful for cold weather.
Well Cold for Louisiana anyway.

Day 20: I am thankful for a working washer!

What have you been thankful for lately?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First time coloring

I have done a lot of things with Bear but coloring has not been one of them.  That is until a few days ago.  Several questions on his 16 month check up form for the doctors had about half a dozen questions about coloring.  Since I didn't know if he could do any of the things they asked I checked "no" for them.  This time I didn't want to do that.  Time to buy crayons.

I put paper on his high chair table and then handed him a crayon.  No helping, no instructions.  Nothing.  I just wanted to see what would happen.  To my surprise he only tried to eat it a few times and he even made a few scribbles.  It was then that I grabbed a crayon and made a few scribbles and an "A" on the paper.  He took that demo and ran with it.

Before it is asked, no I did not put the crayon in his hand.  He did this himself.  I'm so happy with his response to this.  I see lots of coloring in our future.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Days of Thankfulness (day 11-15)

Last year I posted a picture per day that represented things I was thankful for.  It was a way for me to pinpoint even one little thing that I was thankful every day even if the day was going all wrong.  This year I am doing the same both on IG and on here.

You can see more here.

Day 11:  I am thankful that my Veteran is home.
Thank you to those who serve both past and present.

Day 12:  I am thankful for a nap time spent
reading with a cup of hot coffee.

Day 13:  I am thankful Bear actually napped today.
Small victories are still victories.

Day 14:  I am thankful for time spent with the coffee group ladies.

Day 15:  I am thankful for days like this.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Its not what I thought it would be

Throughout the infertility journey you begin to realize that what you envisioned your family to be may never come to pass.  That the dreams that may never become reality are not so easy to give up.

The house full of kids playing peacefully with each other.  

Sitting down to dinner with a table full of children eating a home cooked meal playing with their food and chattering away.  

Being woken up by kids at the break of dawn on Christmas morning while they rip open presents shouting in excitement with big grins on their faces.   

All dreams I have had over the years.  You realize with each passing month that the reality of these dreams my never come to fruition.  That what you see in your dreams isn't what you thought it would be.  I'm not just talking just about about the kids getting along perfectly because we all know that's every parents wish but a rare reality.  Rather for me it's the focus on the number of kids that are sitting at that dinner table.

When we first were married we asked each other how many kids we wanted to have.  We both agreed that we wanted a minimum of two kids but no more than four.   As long as we could provide for them and maintain what we felt like was an appropriate standard of living then four kids it would likely be.

After learning about my infertility that number would change.  The dreams of four kids around the table faded to three.  With the realization that we are here again talks of that number dropping once again have come up.  The number is dwindling and I'm not sure that I like that.  I am also not sure that I can go through this process for a third time.  Facing this new reality for me is hard.  It's one that will take time for me to come to terms with.

Until then I will keep focusing on getting through this cycle.

Friday, November 14, 2014

At least it was fun.

It's been 10 years since I have been bowling at an actual bowling.  My ability to bowl is dreadful at best.  So I went into this knowing I was going to make a fool of myself.  Boy did I !  I am way to ashamed to actual post scores but I did have a fun time.  I think we need to go back without the kid, add a few adult beverages into the mix, and maybe just maybe throw up the bumpers ;-) then possibly I could do well.

My one and only strike!  Shocked!

He was really enjoy watching some kids bowl.

Or maybe I just need a few of those adult beverages and stick with Wii bowling on my couch.  There I can do amazingly well with just a flick of my wrist.

Eh, maybe we will go again.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

30 Days of Thankfulness (day 6-10)

Last year I posted a picture per day that represented things I was thankful for.  It was a way for me to pinpoint even one little thing that I was thankful every day even if the day was going all wrong.  This year I am doing the same both on IG and on here.

You can see days here.

Day 6:  I am thankful for coffee with new friends!

Day 7:  I am thankful for loving puppies.

Day 8:  I am thankful for an easy morning.

Day 9:  I am thankful for fun times out of the house.

Day 10:  I am thankful for an easy doctors visit that went well.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The reality of injections

First I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me emails and messages.  I greatly appreciate them and the all the prayers/well wishes everyone is sending out for us.

OK onto today's topic.  The reality of injections.

We a box of medicine delivered to the house that needs to be signed for then gone through immediately.  

Don't be frightened. The big needles are just for transferring liquid and mixing medicine. I only deal with the small needles.  The ones that go in the belly.  Also known as subcutaneous injections.  These in particular are for the trigger shots.

Inside the box is the medicine that stays in the fridge (follistim).  The injections are in pen form.  There is a small cartridge you put in the pen that contains the medicine, dial it up to the dosage, and finally add a new needle (those pink things).  Then you are ready to give yourself the medicine.  I also keep alcohol wipe in there as well because I like a nice little one stop shop to get it over with quickly before I have enough time to freak myself out with it.

Like I said it needs to be refrigerated so I keep on what I declared months ago as the baby's shelf in the fridge.  It's where all of Bear's food, formula and teething toys area. It was only upon posting this pic here that I realized they were on top of the eggs.  Hehe, how very fitting.  I swear this was not intentional.  It was just the only flat place where I didn't have to worry about it getting crushed.

And finally, this lovely thing has now taken up residency on my kitchen counter.  I hide it in a cabinet or in the master bathroom when company comes.  Frankly, no one wants to see that and I certainly don't want to be asked about it by everyone who visits my home.

So basically it's presence isn't as bad as one thinks.  I don't have boxes of this crap laying around and don't even use the injection more than 1 time a day for however many days (typically 3-5 days) that the doctor tells me to.  Over all while injections suck in general, I try to remember that the ends justify the means.  Just don't ask me about that shortly after I get one ;)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

We decided that we want to make the most of whatever time we have left here and get out and do things.  Part of this included going to visit a near by Zoo.

It was pretty small and frankly there weren't that many "exciting" things to see but we did enjoy ourselves quite a bit.  Mainly we talked and meandered our way around the labyrinth of exhibits.

It was a rather cool day so many of the animals were bedded down in their huts or out sunning themselves.  Bear well he was bundled up in the jogging stroller enjoying all the sights.  

Throughout the Zoo there were all these wood carvings that I seemed to find more interesting than anyone else seemed to find.

These were the American Alligator.  This guy was huge.  When he started moving it kind of freaked me out.  

This Jaguar was vocal and not shy when people came up.  We all jumped back a bit when he leaped up onto the log.  Bear  just stared at him wondering what the heck all the fuss was about.

Just outside the Louisiana Habitat was where they had all the Halloween festivities the night before.  Since it was all still up we decided to snap a few pics with the decorations.

The Bobcats were a bit active which gave us something to see more than just animals sunning themselves.  After about a dozen none active animals it can get a bit boring.  However these guys (or gals) were up walking around, checking things out before they laid down for some relaxation.

The cayman were also a bit more active than I expected.

The snakes of Louisiana exhibit was not my cup of tea.  It didn't help that you had to walk into a dark hut with these heavy rubber flaps that hung down.  Walking into the unknown where I know snakes are doesn't sit well with me.

The teacher in me never stops working  and it was never more evident than when I started mentions the animal tracks on the walkway to Bear.  Talking all about them to him, mentioning the shapes, different sizes, the animals that made them, etc.  Hubby looks over to me and starts laughing because he's only 15months old, in a stroller, and far more interested in chewing on his toy than anything I am saying.  Oh well If he was 3 he would have loved all of my chattering.

The Bear was one of my favorites of the day!  He (or she) was playing in the water having a grand old time.

One of the last exhibits was the Tigers.  These were very vocal and active the closer we got to them.  Bear loved this!  He loved seeing the big cats and hearing them brought a huge smile to his face. 

When we were done with the zoo we headed out for some lunch and let Bear run around for a bit before running errands.

Barbie Hair Fixes Part 1

Let's jump right on into it.   Every doll hair fix tutorial I could find started with brushing out the dolls hair.  It may look worse...