Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Yesterday was "trunk or treat" at the hubby's unit and I'd say they did a decent job with it all.  Of course, like the fabulous blogger that I am (hehe even I have to laugh at that one!) did not take a single picture.  Not one. I'm actually slight upset by this.  I wish I could have gotten one of Bear picking out a treat in his Halloween costume or the smile he had when he dropped it in his little pumpkin.  However, wrangling my little boy solo in a crowd while still attempting to be polite to everyone proved harder than I thought it would be.

I was ecstatic that Bear understood by the third car that he could pick up a piece of candy from a persons bowl and drop it in his own pumpkin bucket.  He was so pleased with himself and I was just happy he was having fun!  This did get a bit tricky as many of the people passing out the candy were doing so out of a pumpkin bucket similar to his.  Add in the other kids around him also having similar pumpkin buckets and at one point he was just so excited he tried swiping candy from other kids.  Obviously, he didn't know what he was doing but I still felt bad for his attempts

As for tonight, We may hit up a few house on our street just so hubby can get to experience Bear trick or treating and so I can snap a few pics for the photo albums.  For the most part though we may just hang out outside and hand out candy.  I think Bear will enjoy it.  

But before I go here is a quick pic of Bears' loot from the trunk or treat.  We will will trade out his candy for things he can actually eat like puffs and froyo. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Making - Messes!  I'm attempting to organize the house and downsize!  We have too many things and I need to start consolidating them.  Hubby has started to do his part and now its time for me to do mine.  Mix in the fact that I hate clutter/messes and this whole process is stressing me out a bit.  I feel like my house looks like something out of hoarders even though in reality I know I am no where near that level of clutter.  Call it "spring Cleaning" or whatever you want but it all needs to be organized now!

Cooking - Soups and Stews!  I love the fall and it is the perfect time to over indulge in soups and stews.  They are simple and easy. 

Drinking -  Lots and Lots of hot apple cider.  Yum!

Wanting - Some yummy chocolate something!  I have been craving sweets and desserts lately because I haven't had any really in a long time.  So in an effort not to overindulge I have been making prepackaged things that probably higher in calories and sugar than what I could make myself.  It's not good.

Wishing - I am wishing that I had more motivation to work out.  Yes I say this after posting a pic of cookies.  I have hit slump.  Typically I use the treadmill that we have, yoga, and/or whatever DVD workout I pick.  They need to be flexible for me to actually do them because I never have a set period of time to workout in.  When I do workout it almost feels like I am half-halfheartedly working out.  I'm going through the motions but I'm not pushing myself like should be.  All this means is that I am just maintaining rather than getting the results that I want.  Hopefully something will click for me soon.  I miss that desire to workout that I once had.  You know when you hit that sweet spot that makes you want to go to the gym again.  I need to rediscover that!

Enjoying - Or at least attempting to enjoy the time we have left here in Louisiana.  We realize that in the time we have been here we haven't had time to really go do the things that we wanted to go here.  Life just always seemed to get in the way of our plans.  So from now until we leave we are attempting to do just that.

Pinning - Easy Halloween crafts.  I have been tasked with coming up with a way to decorate a pickup truck with little to no budget for the company "trunk or treat."  Let's just say this might be a sad sad looking vehicle but at least the candy will be good.

Wearing - Honestly Yoga pants are a staple for me right now.  Yes I actually do yoga in them.  Strange right!  I never know when I will be able to get a workout in so if I wear them I can just jump right in when I need to.  

Missing - this will sound crazy but I really miss cloth diapering Bear.  He's been in disposables because the washer was broken and now he has a rash.  Since the only things that get rid of his rash aren't cloth diaper safe it means more disposables.  It's been a few days and it looks to have cleared up so I will start cloth diapering again tomorrow morning.

Feeling -  Stressed because it feels like we have just so much going on lately.

Reading - I've been reading baby wise 2.  He did and does so well with the scheduled day that I wanted to continue that.  This covers 5mo - 15mo.  I probably should have purchased this earlier but oh well.  It's OK.  I think some of it is repeated from the first book but it does give some pretty good information on making the most of the active times.  It also discusses solid foods and transitioning to finger foods.  Overall I won't get the use out of this that would have because Bear is 14mo almost 15mos.  I'm planning on picking up the baby wise pre-toddler book that covers 15-18 months this week.  There is just so much growth in those months that I understand why they broke it up the way they did.    

Buying - I've been eyeing a lot of things online.  Some of you may have seen a few posts on IG.  Well I went ahead and just purchased a bunch of stuff I don't really need but I wanted.  

So this what I picked up.  There are basically zero shopping close to me so I'll order online and return it to the store whenever I decide to drive to the closest city.  It sounds crazy I know but as long as I get free shipping it's worth it because the taxes here are insanely high!

Crafting - well I have done some work on a blanket I was crocheting a while ago but that all seems to come in waves.  Recently though I am on the hunt for some craft punches.  I want to turn the wedding/bridal shower/engagement cards into a craft I saw online.  Likewise, I'll be doing something similar with Bears' baby shower/new baby cards we got.  It's good stuff so I can't spoil it all now.

This what I have been up so but what have you all be doing?

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