Wednesday, September 3, 2014

update on 101 in 1001 (Sept. 2014)

Since I have completed a few of these I thought it would be good to post an update on how my 101 in 1001 is going.  You can view the complete list of things here.

 Working on:

11. Make a table runner for at least 3 different holidays (0/3)

I had prior to writing my 101 in 1001 started a Halloween table runner.  I ran out of thread and simply abandoned it.  Well I made the decision not to let it go to waste.  I picked located the materials from the project, purchased the proper thread and now just need to make room to set up the sewing machine.  It's a start anyway.

16. Make a felt Playhouse for Bear

I touched on this earlier in a Currently post but thought it would be update here as well.  So I have sketched up a plan, ordered and received the felt, and saved any unwrinkled packing paper from our move to use for making templates.  I am also setting aside money to pick up the PVC frame sometime next month.

18.  Try 10 new to me Ingredients (fruits, spices, etc.) (1/10)

While I have tried Korean food before I have been leery of trying Gochujang (Korean chili paste) because I do not do well with spicy things.  Well this does have a kick to it I was surprised with the sweet notes in this.  I'm a big fan of this now!  I can't wait to try more recipes with it.

It's the red container.

19.  Eat 1 vegetarian meal per month for this project. (1/30)

I ate up a mushroom chili we had in the freezer.  It was just OK.

20.  Bake something new every month of this project (sweet or savory) (1/30)

I made a breakfast casserole that was OK but really it was because of this meal that we found out that the oven was broken.  Let's just say that it didn't cook as well as I expected in the toaster oven because it was in a deep container.  We are going to try this one again now that our oven is fixed.  I'm also thinking I need to modify this recipe because it would be a million times better with a crunch from a crispy hash browns that are below the sausage in the picture.

60. Post 20 different food related blog posts. (1/20)

Well Meal Plan Monday has helped me keep up on this!  If you all see any meals you want to know more about just ask.

94. Purchase 15 pieces of jewelry (costume jewelry counts) (1/15)

Thanks to Charmin' Charlie this will be completed sooner than expected I'm sure.  The first piece I bought is this buckle bracelet.  I love it!


OK, now on to my Completed Items!  One month down and 3 items completed!

9. Make a picture book of Bears' first year

I ordered yesterday my "free" Shutterfly book.  Well free from a Similac coupon.  I added several pages then toss in a 40% labor day promo code and I spent a total of $8.80 for his book.  That was mainly shipping.  Like $8 in shipping.  However I am really happy with the book that I made.  I can't wait to get my hands on it. 

66.  Pickup 4 reusable grocery bags and 2 reusable cold bags; actually use them.

I picked up these beauties a few weeks ago and I love them!  I'll be writing more about them later this week.
To give you an idea the tiles are about 15 inches square.

94.  Properly store all of our Disney movies

We had all of our Disney movies in the cases and in random DVD holders but none of which is remotely close to what I consider organized.  Well first off I tossed all the DVD cases and put them in a massive DVD holder.  

You would not believe the hundreds of pounds you save when you toss the cases.  Two large trash bags later and I am so much happier.  I should add that we kept only the TV series and Blue Ray cases.  Now  every DVD is in two 300+ holders.  I am so happy that I did this.

So this rounds out the items for this past month.  Hopefully I can finish more next month.


  1. I love the bracelet, the color is awesome.

  2. I love Shutter fly picture books. I did Graces first week in a book. Then did 0 to 3 months. Just finished and ordered her 3 to 6 month one. They do tons of free codes if you are on their mailing list.


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