Monday, September 15, 2014

So this is happening...

About a month or so ago I was getting a bath ready for Bear.  He was eagerly waiting for me to get the water just right when I look over and he is doing his, as I call it,  "Poop Dance."  The one where he is bouncing up and down and grunting.  This only means one thing...  Bear's going to poop and soon!  I quickly stop what I am doing and plop him on the toilet for a second to think of my next move.  I put him on the toilet thinking that either he would stop pooping long enough for me to figure out where a diaper was or he on a fluke would go on the potty.   To my surprise he went on the potty.  I cleaned him up then went about bath time.

The next day I decided that when I caught him doing the poop dance I would again put him on the potty and just see what happened.  I started to use the diaper sign with him for potty as well since its one he already knows.  Two days into doing this he runs into the bathroom and starts doing the poop dance.  Awesome!  He's starting to make the correlation that what he is doing in his pants needs to happen in the bathroom.

Three days of success every time I put him on the potty and I'm on Amazon ordering a kids potty for him.  After much debate, emails to friends, and potty training posts I decided on a stand alone potty verse the one on the toilet.  I think Bear is just too young and small to feel comfortable high up on a standard toilet with a kids toilet seat adapter.  Or maybe its just me that's scared for him.

I know some think its too early to start looking at potty training and others I know started at a year old.  For us I think this works.  I planned on starting doing exactly what I have been doing at Christmas time when he was closer to 18 months.  At around that age children have the physical capabilities to control their bowel movements and therefore have the ability to be potty trained.  However I think if he is interested why not start him with it now?

I am in no way expecting him to be potty trained anytime soon.  However, by 2 to 2 1/2 I don't think will be a stretch for this kid.  He detests being in a dirty diaper and clearly doesn't seem to mind using the potty.  Both amazing things for this process.

Since he is only 14 months old I put him on the potty about 3 - 4 times a day.  If he goes great.  If not then that's fine too.     I do try to set him up for success so I put him on the potty quickly when he first wakes up for the day and when he wakes up from naps.  There are times he does just sit on the potty even if I know he has already gone.  After all this is just practice right now.


  1. There is no reason to not try, I think it will go just fine. :)


Your thoughts?

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