Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's broken again! (Alternatively titled: My Samsung washer sucks!)

Or possibly titled: "Why I Can't Cloth Diaper Right Now"

This crappy washer is broken once again.

Last September the drum on the washer stopped moving.  I was told 2 weeks until a repairman would be out.  They rescheduled the appointment and I ended up without a washer for a month simply waiting for someone to show up.  I went to the laundry mat when I could and hand washed some clothes in the tub when I had to.  Well they showed up and told me they weren't sure what was wrong but that the chip was likely bad in the computer.  It took 2 weeks to get the part and a few more days to get the repair guy back to replace it.  Throughout all of this it was just Bear and I at home (hubby was deployed. it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either.

Then 2 months ago I called the warranty people again because the drum once again stopped spinning.  Again there is a one month wait to just get the repair guy out here.  Then when he finished tinkering around he told me the washer was working perfectly.  OK, fine, whatever!  The repairman came Monday and I did the first load of laundry on Saturday.  Sure enough on Saturday morning I toss in a load.  Not even a full one.  Ten pieces of Bears clothing.   Three minutes into the cycle and boom another error code and the drum not spinning.  Clear it was not fixed.

Because it was a holiday weekend I had to wait until Tuesday to call.   One month is what they told me.  One month wait to just get the repairman back out here to fix a washer that was "running perfectly."  I lost it.  There is too much laundry piling up with the 3 of us to be without a washer for another month.  I tell them that's not acceptable.  After talking to a supervisor I got a new date that is 3 weeks.  Its better but still not good enough in my eyes.  However I will have to wait this long.

What makes all of this that much harder is that Hubby home.  Meaning PT's and uniforms stuff that piles up even quicker in the 90+ degree Louisiana weather.  Meaning this laundry thing is out of control.   I can scrape by when it's just the Bear and I but throwing but throwing Hubby into the mix makes being without a washer unbearable.  The guy can't go to work in dirty clothes or hand washed clothes which means I'll be sitting in a laundry mat with a very active 14 mo for 2 hours to wash his clothes then bring them home wet to save money and time to dry them.

So here I am without a washer.  AGAIN!  Total in the last year I have been without a washer for 13 weeks and counting.  Samsung clearly thinks this acceptable.  It's not.  Fingers crossed and prayers this repair is the one that fixes it or they just cut me a check for a new replacement and the cost of the extended warranty.  After all who knew front loader washers that you spent a grand on would only last just under 5 years.


  1. Ugh! I'm sorry you are having to deal with that.

  2. This frustrates me for you. You can't have such a beautiful piece of equipment.. and not have it be reliable.


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