Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Irrational Fears (Blog Hop)

Today I am join in the blog hop with Casey from We took the road less traveled for...

This week we are all writing about 3 irrational fears

Oh boy, here we go...

ONE.  I'm afraid of going blind.  When I was working with early childhood special needs children back in NY, they sent several of us off to do some special training.  One of these training methods involved putting blacked out goggles on and helping navigate each other or a mechanical doll through the everyday classroom routine.  When I was the "student" wearing the glasses it bugged me out.  The foggy glasses that represented students with some visual input was even worse.  Couple all of this "new knowledge" with my history of vision problems (astigmatism) and I was a wreck by the end of the training week.  

TWO.  A snake crawling up through the toilet.  Sorry to anyone who just added this to their list.  Last year I got a skype call from a friend, Kailey whom is living in the deep south, that needed to vent to someone about her experience.  She woke up one morning to find a 3 foot snake in her bathroom just sitting there near her toilet.  Kailey quickly ran out of the bathroom, slammed the door shut, and rolled up a blanket to wedge under the door.  Since her hubby was deployed she called the exterminator who came 3 hours later while she at breakfast in her driveway in her mini van with the kids.  After the guy removed the snake she asked how it got there.  He said there are a lot of snakes in the area and one must have followed a mouse up the drain pipe, ate the mouse (vomited up the mouse during capture) and continued on its way until it came out of your toilet.   It is worth noting that he cover the drain with something similar to chicken wire as well as set up mouse traps around to eliminate the food source and deter the snakes from entering the pipes again.   The exterminator also said that this isn't a very common thing.  He specifically has only seen this a handful of times in his 30+ years of experience.   This whole thing bothered me for about 2-3 day but I quickly forgot about it.  Fast forward to this past weekend and hubby finds a snake skin in our yard and now I'm a bit panicked about this again.  Lets just  this one is getting the best of me lately.  Hoping this one fades again soon.  Seriously I suggest you not google this one for your own piece of mind.    

THREE.  I'll call this one the Fish Bowl effect.  Growing up there were several new houses that popped up on our road.  They took years to put curtains up and driving past at night you could see in.  See everything the people were doing.  Then throw in watching any number of scary movies where the bad guys use this to their advantage and I run around the house when its dark closing every blind and curtain.  I'm not as bad with this as I used to be since moving to suburbia.   

I will say I think scary movies or media in general have increased the amount of irrational fears people have by showing them just what could happen.  This is why I no longer watch scary movies.  They just aren't for me.  


  1. Ahhhh the snake in the toilet!! That is seriously creepy! I hope I never ever have to encounter that because then there'd be no more toilet sitting for me. Diapers forever! HA! Kidding…but man, {{shivers}}

    Thanks for linking up, girl!

  2. Okay now I'm freaked out by the snake thing haha!


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