Friday, September 5, 2014

Going a bit greener

As part of my 101 in 1001 I set out to pick up some reusable bags for food shopping.  I finally found ones that I am happy with!

Basically, we end up with a million bags from the commissary whenever we go food shopping.  The majority of them get thrown out.  I'm not all "let's save the planet" but I do think cutting back on them couldn't hurt.  I mean every trip they double bag everything which based off of how much they put in them and how flimsy the bags are it is sort of needed.  We reuse some for garbage pail liners and to pick up the dog dirt with but 3-4 is all we really reuse from the 30+ bags we get every trip.  So getting reusable ones seemed like a smart idea to me.

After scouring amazon for the reusable grocery bags that wouldn't fall apart by looking at them or cost an arm and a leg I was about to give up when a friend of mine sent me an email.  She suggesting these.   Upon her recommendation I decided to take the leap and try them out.  They looked pretty good, were durable material, held about 2 standard grocery bags without being overly massive and the kicker was they were on sale for $15 for 4 of them.

When they got here I was happy to that they are in fact quite small and compact when in the pouch.  Undo the drawstring closure, unravel the bag and then flip it right side out.  The pouch is attached and sits neatly inside.  While many people noted that it was difficult to get it back in the pouch I found it to be no problem.  That being said I likely will not keep them in the pouches but keep them open and just store them in one of the cold storage bags.  I don't see the need to have to take them out and put them back in every use for grocery shopping.  Let's be real here, if its not convenient then I won't do it.  Making this all a giant waste of money.

They do come in many colors and combination of colors.  Hubby requested that they match the cold storage bags (talking about those next) and that they are a gender neutral color.  I figured this blue was a safe choice and matched almost spot on with the cold bags below.

I should add that when these go on sale again I am thinking of picking up another set of 4.  Using 2 of the bags for groceries, tossing one in my purse, and one in the diaper bag.  I really can't express just how happy I am with them.

While I love them my only con for these bags are that because of the material it wrinkle really easily which its such a big deal I guess.  It's a con I can live with.

Once I found the reusable bags continued my search for cold bags that would hold a decent amount of space and again weren't uber expensive.  I knew these would cost more seeing as there are more parts to it.  I found these; Rachel Ray Jumbo chill out thermal totes.  These were on sale which helped make my decision.

The tiles are roughly 15 inches square to give you a frame of reference. 

I stuffed the one on the right . It was heavy but it worked.

They are pretty big and they easily fit a gallon of milk among other thing in this bag.  It was also pretty smart that they added strips of velcro to keep it closed/folded.  These are a keeper and comes in pretty colors.  Once again there is a con.  I think these would be a bit better if the top had more of a tote or purse style closure.  One were it makes the tote a square rather than pinching the top closed.  That said they are the best ones I could find for the price point.  

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  1. I have the reusable Target bags and I love them!


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