Tuesday, August 12, 2014

That's it, I have had it!!!

Today while trying to put together a toy for Bear I needed the simplest of tools; a screw driver.  It took my husband no less than 45 minutes to find one I could use.  I would like to chalk this up to the fact that we move a lot and things get disorganized or that we are still (ugh will it ever end?!?!) unpacking.  However it really just is that his tools are everywhere.  Hang a picture above the sofa table and the hammer, hooks, leveler and whatever else he used will likely sit right there on the sofa table until he needs them again. Well really until I get sick of looking at them and toss them in the box labeled "hubby's tools that were left around the house". No really there is a box labeled that.  It's that's bad.  In his defense he is working on becoming more organized in this area.  Specifically my goal is to get him to organize his tools before we move next year.  I am willing I buy him whatever he needs to achieve this because frankly it's driving me bonkers.  But he is working on it so I need to just grin and bare it.

Well after today's debacle I couldn't take I anymore.  I told him I wanted my own tool box with the basics that he would not be allowed to touch.  To keep him out of it I wanted the tools to be pink or some other girl color so that it would insure that he would in fact not lose, misplace, or even be tempted to borrow it.  This way when I wanted to open a toy or whatever I could without spending half the day looking for the simplest of tools.

Thankfully he didn't put up much of an argument.  He even went online and looked up what they had to offer in the way of pink tool sets. We quickly found one I liked.  Since we were headed their today anyway we checked it out in person at target.  $15 later I am the proud new owner of this Apollo pink tool set.  

It has all the basics that a girl could need to open toys, hang a picture, or whatever.  With that, my sanity is partially restored.  Honestly, I'm just happy that when one of the batteries inevitably dies on Bears toy it won't take me an hour to find the tool and fix it.  I wish I had asked demanded one sooner.

If only my NY friends could see me now.  My oh my how far I fallen down the rabbit hole.


  1. It's funny we keep our tools in a bin so they don't get misplaced. I would go crazy too if I couldn't find one I needed.

    1. Exactly that's my problem! I have to be organized.

  2. Bahhahah. My husband is the same way with not putting tools away. Always says.. I will need it later. Two weeks later I am chucking it randomly in the garage. Love your tool set!

  3. Army Wife status! ha :) I remember buying a Gerber tool in AK and wearing it often because I seriously needed it a lot and J was always off training.


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