Monday, August 25, 2014

Meal Plan Monday again

It's Monday, so here is what I am cooking this week.  Once again note 6 meals for about 7-8 days.  We plan on trying a new restaurant that opened in town and more than likely we will have leftovers.

I decided to use some online recipes from some fabulous gals and the recipes can be found there.

Chicken tortilla soup - I will double this recipe and leave out the tortillas.  That way I can freeze the majority to use later.  To reheat I put the frozen container in the fridge over night then warm it up on the stove.  Once its heated I add the tortillas and extra fresh toppings.

Sausage and Mushroom Rigatoni

Spicy Chicken and Sausage Soup

What are you all cooking this week?


  1. I love meal planning, it has made my life so much easier!

    1. i know right! It also has help cut down on our grocery bill too.


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