Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm not sorry AKA #guiltytotalsocial

Since I have nothing planned today that is ready to post I will join in with Helen and Sarah for

This months topic is Guilty Pleasures.  Hmmm.... this should get interesting, or maybe just embarrassing either way here goes nothing.

  1. Crappy TV - Keeping up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms, the bachelor,the bachelorette, love in paradise, and 19 kids and counting are among the shows that are filling up my DVR.  Its terrible but who doesn't love sitting back watching a great train wreck of a tv show?
  2. Pop Tarts - The commissary had the big lots sale and I couldn't help myself.  I walked out the door with this baby.   There goes my healthy eating.
  3. Online shopping - This has been a real problem in this duty station seeing as we don't like driving the hour in either direction to go the stores.  So as a result I shop online way, way too much. When FedEx guy knows your name it could be a problem.  
  4. Kitchen gadgets/tools - When your hallway linen closet is filled with your overflowing amount of kitchen things you know there could be a problem.  In our own defense we cook a lot.  However half of this stuff rarely see the light of day yet we always want to buy more kitchen things.  Seriously If we ever buy a house the kitchen will need to be huge.  
    This pic sadly doesn't show just how deep and wide this linen closet really is.  Eek.  
  5. Disney Movies - and kid movies for that matter.  I could honestly sit down and watch Frozen with some popcorn and would consider it a good evening.  
    This is a pic of our dvd holder for just Disney and kid movies.  It's a 336 holder and I would guess we have about 200 in there.  Did I mention Bear is only 13mo and we had these long before getting pregnant.  
  6. Instagram-ing pictures of food - yup I'm that person.  I make everyone wait to eat so I can snap a pic of it.  I also take a but longer when cooking a meal to snap pics along the way.  Some make it on the feed and others don't but they sadly remain on the phone or camera until I run out if space.  
  7. Video baby monitor creeper - Bear has a video monitor in his room and I don't see it coming out any time soon.  I will also sit there and watch him sleep for a couple of minutes in the morning.  Hubby thinks this is weird but I think I'm just watching my peaceful little boy sleep.  Ok maybe it's a bit creeper because if someone did that to me I would think they were weird.
  8. Cheesy books - well I'll read just about anything except for romance novels.  Hey a girls got to have standards right?  I am a sucker for teen novels and beach books.  You know the ones with the standard plot line that you see from miles away.
  9. Country music or specifically me horribly singing along to the radio while cooking dinner ever night.  Poor Bears will grow up with this horrible memory.  Oh well.
  10. And sadly I have become one of those yoga pant wearing moms who practically live in them.  To be fair I don't wear them out of the house unless I am in fact working out.  If I've learned anything from Stacey and Clinton it is that.  


  1. I love your thoughts on Disney movies! My collection is quite ridiculous haha.

    1. I figure its wholesome so it can't be that bad.

  2. Poptarts are a weakness of mine.


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