Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dear Bear: 13 Months

Every Month I am amazed with how much you have grown and changed.  From that tiny bitty baby into an active toddler.  You go, go, go, until you hit that wall and crash hard.

Weight: 18lbs, 11oz

  • Poor Coco.  You say her name on repeat all day long.  As frustrating as it can get for us adults it is sweet to see your love for your favorite dog.  
  • "Doco" or "DuDu"or Duke as you are trying to say is often shouted when he comes over and sits waiting to be pet by you.  You rarely indulge him.
  • You are always babbling.  I'm hoping more coherent words start coming out soon.
  • You love the mega bloks dump truck, the little people tractor that sings, and most of all the VTech sit to stand walker.  You will spend hours holding the phone on it and pushing the buttons to make noise.
  • Since you are so little and we are trying to push you to gain weight your life revolves around food.  Luckily you aren't picky.  You will happily eat anything we put in front of you.
  • Bath time is your single favorite time of the day.  Between the toys and the splashing you are in heaven.  I hope this never changes.  Just wait until we get you into an actual pool!
  • You like being on the move.  If one toy doesn't seem interesting enough you will get up and walk over to something else.  Yup that's right walk!  You have confidently began to walk independently.  You do still love to hold one of our hands and zoom around the house.  

  • You hate nap time because it means that you have to stop playing.  This is a battle quickly lost as you let a few cries in protest but then drift off to sleep.
  • Not getting your way.  Not that anyone in this house likes that but you are one strong willed child.  I foresee some tough 

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