Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 1yo toys for Bear

Since Bears Birthday just past I figured I would share a few of his favorite toys.

Mega Blok CAT Truck -

This is by far his favorite toy.  He moves it around, tosses the blocks or whatever else he wants in the back, and obviously dumps them out.  This is an endless process for him.  I do like that it is a great starter for the mega blok toys.  He really doesn't know how to stack the blocks but that will come with time.

munchkin squirtin' bath toys -

They run about $10 for a set but I think they are well worth it.  Bear loves these both to play in the bath and out.  I break up the set and put some strictly for bath and the rest strictly play.  I found when I mixed the two water would be everywhere if we didn't drain them properly.  They also didn't last as long.  Overall these are a hit!! 

Infantino Go GaGa Texture ball set

This was an impulse by from hubby for his birthday when we were roaming the PX one day.  I believe they are also sold at target as well.  I wish we had picked it up earlier because he really loves it.  When he gets bored with one ball he moves on to another one.   It's a set of 6 despite what's in the picture. I'm sure the other ones are somewhere around the house. 

kiddie pool -
We had a bigger 6' pool but he preferred the smaller one.  All of his toys stayed pretty close to him.  It had a textured bottom and sides like most kiddie pools have.  The one thing I would like to add to the pool are those old fashion adhesive tub grips to the edge.  I want to give him more grip under his foot when he tries to climb in and out of it.   
Topzy Tumblers Tubtime Tumblin' Boat - This toy was has the big tug boat, a small boat (he's chewing in it), a tube float of sorts, and two weighted "people".  The people remind me of weeble wobbles with a loose weight.  He didn't really know what to do with them but he did enjoy pushing the boats around.  Overall I think these were a good buy!

The little mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

He can not get enough of book.  It warms my heart as this is one of my favorites.  I am so happy I chose to get this in a board book.  We don't have that many of them but this was an excellent addition to our collection.

Tunnel - When I ordered this last item off it said online it was for 12mo+ but when it arrived it was for 3+. Yup the pop up tunnel I so wanted for bear was the wrong starter age.  Oh well.  We gave it to Bear anyway.  Since I figured it would only come out if he was playing with it with us, I didn't have an issue with it.  His first trip through the tunnel showed why it is a 3+ toy and I simply believe it is because you could sent the thing rolling.  I rolled up a blanket in either side to keep it relatively stationary while he crawled through.  At the end of the day he loves it.  He throws his toys in and goes to get them while crawling through.  If I want an hour of easy entertainment with him this is my go to toy.  

What does or did your kids love at one year old?


  1. That book was my favorite as a child! I bought the same board book for my kiddos.

    1. mine too! It is such a different book for kids.

  2. The only thing that I can recall was how popular that yellow train was that helped both of them learn to walk. Anyway, your little man made out for his birthday! Toys galore! :)

    1. Yeah he got something similar to the train for walking at christmas. He loves it. He did make out well! I went overboard and had to cut it in half. He'll get the other half for Christmas.


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