Thursday, July 3, 2014

One Year Ago Today...

I headed off to the hospital 33 weeks 4 days pregnant with a terrible headache and feeling like crap.  Little did I know that I wouldn't be leaving.  At least not that day anyway.  The world wind that would be the next two to three weeks were some of the hardest of my life.  Hubby was days away from deployment, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, Bear was born just 2 days later at 33weeks 6days, I got released from the hospital without Bear in my arms.  The biggest kick in the pants of them all was hubby deploying literally less than 24hours after Bear left the hospital.  Adjusting to new parenthood and worse yet doing it with your partner on the other side of the world has shaped and changed my parenting style.  Some ways for the worse.  Bear cried more than I would have liked.  I never would have sat him down in front of the tv for short periods of time to wash the dogs are power clean the house.  Most of all I think I could have pumped longer if I had an extra hand.  However we are dealt the cards we get in life.  No second chances,  no repeats.  Yes, this was hard.  Anyone who says it wasn't is lying to you.  Through the hard times, I learned to trust myself and my parenting skills.  I learned that I in fact "got this."  

Now 1 year to the day (and almost the hour) I got ready to leave...  Snapped this picture of my growing belly...

put the puppies in their crates with a milk bone and I walked out the door assuming I'd be sent home.  I was admitted instead. It was as I said before a world wind. One I hold dear.  One that brought me my active, fiercely independent, smiley little boy.

In an effort to save you all from me recanting the next couple of weeks on this here little blog of mine, I shall instead leave you with this and that.  Links to Bears' 2 part Birth Story.  


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