Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dear Bear : 12 Months

Dear Bear,

WOW one year.  One whole, long year.  You have grown and changed so very much.  This transformation has been incredible to see but it wasn't without its struggles.  From the very start with your dramatic entry to struggling to keep weight on you.  All the while though you have had for the most part a happy attitude despite the struggles.  That attitude has stuck with you and I don't see it going anywhere.  I have also learned that you like things your way and are strong willed enough to push to make it happen.  I'm positive this trait will make things interesting in years to come.  

Quick Stats

Weight:  So I clearly have been way off on your weight.  I thought you would be around 19lbs this month and as it turns out you are only 17lbs 13 1/2oz. 

Clothing Size: Finally after stretching out several small sleepers I moved you up to 6-9mo/9m clothing.  I prefer you in shorts and a shirt than sleepers.  You look much older in them.  Then there is also the fact that it is easier to check and change your diaper in them.  I don't think you favor anything in particular.

Diaper Size:  You are still in huggies size 3 diapers but now at least when you are at home I am cloth diapering you more and more.  I don't think you notice or even care about the switch which I love!

Sleep:  You sleep like a rock at night.  now that you quickly and for the most part quietly lay down at night and for naps life is pretty easy.  Well easier.

Food:  We have had to get more and more food for you to try and enjoy.  So far there is nothing that you don't like.  I am excited that you are moving up in this area.  Your favorites are banana, peach, 

Baby Sign: once again we really haven't been working with you on this.  I need to dedicate more time to it now that the house is slowly put back together.  On the plus side when I do use it you seem to understand more.

Favorite Toy: Much to my surprise the activity table has held on as your favorite.  I swear you could play with that thing for hours.  No complaints here about that though.  

Favorite Book:  I think you have gone back to the Biscuit storybook collection.  You like seeing the puppy.  You call poor Biscuit "Coco."  I think in your mind you think all dogs are "Coco."   

Teeth:  There are 6 teeth in your mouth still.  I'm hoping the next 2 show up soon as I think they are bothering you.  

On the move:  For the first time on July 2, 2014 you took your first independent steps after bath time.  I will never forget screaming with excitement as you walked to me to get that silly puffer fish bath toy you had dropped.  It was only 2 solid steps but independent steps none the less.  Your father came running out go the bathroom to see but he missed it.  You thankfully took several more when we had you walk from your dad to me and back again. It was exciting and all before your first birthday!  Now if only you would trust in your skills!!!

4th of July: Wow it's your last first holiday.  It was a quiet day at home where we played with the toys Grandpa sent you.  We Barbecued the typical hamburgers and hot dogs although you aren't ready for those foods just yet.  You did however got to try watermelon and peaches.  You loved the peaches.  Later that day we gave you a long bath before watching Paw Patrol with you.  You yelled "Coco" at the TV the majority of the time.  I think you believe all dogs are named "Coco."  At night we set off some fireworks.  We tried to keep to ones that were quiet like the fountains and sparklers.  You seemed confused by them and didn't like when daddy or I went near them.  Unlike most kids your age, you didn't cry.  Not one tear.  I was very proud of you for that.  

His birthday morning selfie
First Birthday:  You woke up in a good mood but the day went down hill unfortunately.  It was your party and boy did you cry!  Its OK though because you will have plenty more.  After breakfast we had you open your gifts from extended family members.  Then skyped with Grandma and Grandpap.  They got to watch you play with your toys a bit.  You loved the boat that your Godparents gave you.  Even more so when put in the kiddie pool we got you.  I have never seen you more happy than you were in that pool.  You stayed there for at least a full hour if not more.  I am happy to report you woke up from your nap in a much better mood thankfully.  The rest of the day went pretty smoothly.  I think you like the routine.  Knowing what to expect just works for you.  
I chew them right?

I wish we had taken more than just this pic of him in the pool.



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