Friday, June 6, 2014

Dear Bear: 11 months

Dear Bear,

Yet another month that has flown by!!!  You are a talkative and an extremely active 11 month old.  Daily you wear out your daddy and I from chasing after you.  It is however so much fun to sit down and play with the toy cars or help you try to walk and stand.  I am positive I will miss these days the older you get.

Quick Stats

Weight:  Once again this month you did not visit the doctors so you this is just a guess but 18lbs.

Clothing Size:  Here we are another month with you still in the 3-6 clothing... well shorts and shirts anyway.   Pants you need the length of 6-9.  I am hoping that you put some weight on you to fill out those 6-9 month clothing.  Ironically, the clothing in the picture below you are in 3-6 month shirt and 3m pants which i think were miss marked.

Diaper Size:  You are in a size 3 Huggies diapers still.  We are using disposable but we found out that you fit in the cloth diapers!!!!  This is amazing to me.  After all of this time you finally are big enough to fit into them.  I am however waiting to put you in them until we are settled into the new house.

:  Finally!!!!! We are seeing our old good sleeper!  Aside from a small little cry you let out in protest, you fall asleep extremely quickly.

Food:  You are eating more and more food daily.  You also are getting used to thicker or chunkier food as well.  Baby steps.  I feel like I should be doing more in this area but for now it is what it is.  

Baby Sign: There is little to no progress here because life has seemed to get in the way of introducing more signs.  This is also something that after our move we will address.  

Favorite Toy:  Hands down your favorite toy is the new activity table we picked up.  You spent a whole day practically crawling around under it, then using it like a fort.  I could watch you play for hours!!!

Favorite Book:  We have gone back to the touch and feel books.  They capture your attention and keep it for far longer than I ever thought it would.  They different textures amuse you.  You are also still in love the little blue truck series.

Teeth:  You have 6 teeth.  2 on the bottom and 4 on the top.  There are clearly more on the way.

On the move:  You aren't walking yet.  You do Shuffle from one item to another.  I think you are a bit intimidated by walking on your own.  With that though you love holding our hands and walking.  You know how to walk extremely well while holding our hands which is why I am shocked that when I push you to hold only one hand you sit down.  I guess that will come with time. 

Bike Rides:  With the move coming up in days we haven't had the time to really go for a bike ride consistently.  You do seem to enjoy the bike rides when we do go.  Hopefully we can go for more as the summer months hit.



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