Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dear Bear: 10 Months

Dear Bear,

Today you are 10 months old.  Wow a whole 10 months.  Who would think at this point I would need to say that your little or rather big personality is coming out more and more these days.  You smile more often than not but an actual audible laugh is rare.  Then again I am always amazed at the things that will make you laugh.  Recently it has been the OBall cars when your Daddy and I roll them around on the ground or let them drop down a ramp.  I can not get enough of that sweet laugh!

Quick Stats

Weight:  Since we didn't go to the doctors this month so I'm going to guess you are around 17lbs.

Clothing Size:  I made the decision to move you up to size 9mo only to quickly learn that you got tangled up in them while trying to crawl.  So needless to say you are back down to size 6mo for the time being.

Diaper Size: We moved you up to size 3 and while it's a tricky fit, it was needed. 

:  You sleep like a dream at night but naps are becoming rough.  We need to look at our schedule and see what we can do about it.

Food:  You have a love for food which is no surprise.  So far there is nothing you don't like.

Baby Sign: I have not seen you use any new signs but I know that you are understanding us more when we use them as you are less grumpy and appear to be getting less frustrated with things.  

Favorite Toy:  This is a hard one I say seeing as you love the walker and the Eric Carle duck but the favorite toy of the moment would be the taggie blanket that Aunt Jane and Uncle Dan gave you.  I do not know why I haven't seen these before.  It is simply a small blanket with different textures of ribbon tags all around it.  The smile on your face when first gave it to you nearly sent you into overdrive!  Kicking your feet in excitement and munching on tag after tag, you were in heaven!  Now to find the taggies stuffed animals for your birthday.

Favorite Book:  Anything that has to do with puppies, ducks, elephants, or cars you are in love with.  We read several books every night and I must say that is my favorite part of our nighttime routine.

Teeth:  There is still just the two bottom teeth but there are some starting to show on the top.  Won't be long now until you have a mouth full of teeth!

On the move:  You aren't walking yet but you certainly want to try.  We flip the laundry basket upside down on the carpet and you lean against it pushing it while takin a few steps.  Along with this you can walk along tables and gates as well as bend down pick up a toy and stand back up.  All things that have helped you motor along!

Easter: For Easter we didn't do much.  You are still too little to really get it.  That however did not stop me from making you a fully loaded Easter basket.  I included 2 Easter themed books, Sweet potato flavored puffs, a set of small cars, a stuffed animal elephant, bubbles, and some new bibs stuffed into Easter eggs.  I'm sure I am missing things but that's what I can remember at this moment.  You lit up when you saw it.  So excited to see new things!  

Wings:  For your baptism we decided to go to Virginia an have it there.  This obviously means we needed to fly.  We were a bit nervous as you have a tendency to cry when you are sleepy.  Being that those times mostly fell while we were on the flight we hoped you wouldn't disturb the other passengers too much.  Luckily you didn't!  A bit of fussing here and there but over all you were a happy baby.  As this was your first time flying you got your wings!  

Baptism:  You are finally baptized which has been a long time coming.  As you read above your Daddy and I decided it would be easier on everyone if we flew to Virginia and had your Baptism at Fort Lee rather than have everyone come down to us.  It was a good choice!  You got to meet everyone from Daddy's side of the family.  You also got to spend time with your cousins.

The baptism itself went as expected and we went to Grandma and Grandpap's house after for some yummy food.  We also had cake, ice cream and Daddy opened up some gifts the family got you. All in all a very good time.



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