Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Bear: 8 months

Dear Bear,

This month was packed with a lot of good moments!  The biggest of which was daddy coming home but more on that below.  You are rolling everywhere and loving standing/trying to walk.  Boy oh boy do you love talking.  There is always constant babbling coming from you.  There are occasionally a recognizable word in there like mama or dada but really its just babble.

Quick Stats

Weight:  I am just guessing here but I would say somewhere around 15-16 lbs.

Clothing size:  You are still in size 3-6 mo.  I was hoping to move you up but 6-9 mo are too big for you.

Diaper size:  Size two Lil' Snugglers Huggies diapers are our go to diapers.  However you need night time diapers for all naps and overnight.

Sleep:  You are fighting nap times terribly!  Where did my good sleeper go?

Food:  Banana's are quickly becoming your favorite with sweet potatoes close behind.  You don't get as much food as I would like but that's fine because your diet consists mainly of formula anyway.

Baby Sign:  You have stopped using milk but do still use puppy.  I have occasionally thought you were using the sign for "mama" which daddy pointed out to me on multiple occasions.  I will say that it makes me excited to see you using signing correctly.

Favorite Toy: The walker!  You love standing up and playing with everything at your fingertips.  Your feet don't touch the floor so there is still a blanket underneath so you can stand up.  This is possibly the best investment

Favorite Book: Biscuit storybook collection.  You sign "puppy" whenever you see the dog on the page.  I am loving it!

Daddy's Homecoming:  I put you down to bed at a normal time but had to wake you up extremely early as daddy's arrival was at 6am.  It was painful and you were not a happy camper at all.  You sleep in the car on the way there but once we entered the hanger you were just quietly looking around soaking it all in.  The first bit of cheering when they announced that the soldiers were on post startled you so I picked you up.  
Several minutes later the soldiers marched in getting the crowd to cheer even louder which made you start to cry.  You calmed down a bit when the speaker was talking.  One more final loud cheer when they released the soldiers and that was it.  You lost it.  Daddy quickly found us and two seconds in his arms dried your tears right up.  Another nap on the way home put you in a far better mood, as did some playtime once you got out of your car seat.  Overall, it was the best case scenario.  I could not have asked for a better homecoming.

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