Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dear Bear : 7 Months

Dear Bear,

I say this every month but you are getting to be so big!  And tall, holy cow you are stretching out like a bean pole.  So much so that I have had to retire the baby swing.  That was a sad day for me.  Besides all the growing you are doing you are moving a bunch.  There is no crawling yet but you will roll to get where you want.  You are also sitting and attempting to do so without using your hands.

Quick Stats

Weight:  This past month is a pure guess at what your weight is based off of our scale at home because we didn't go to the doctors this past month.  So I'm going to say 15lbs.

Clothing size:  You are in size 3-6mo or 6mo but I really need to move you up to 6-9 or 9m clothing.  I swear you went to bed with your clothes fitting well and woke up maxing them out!  I'm holding off until after valentines day as was not prepared for you to jump up so quickly.

Diaper size:  You are in size two Huggies diapers.

Sleep:  This is one thing I love that you are an excellent night time sleeper.  Your naps on the other hand are spotty at best.  It's a work in progress.

Food:  Obviously you are still on formula but you also are enjoying trying new solid food.  So far you have tried; Rice Cereal, Oatmeal, bananas (your favorite), Avocado, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes.  I have yet to see you spit out anything.  I hope this means you are not a picky eater in the future. 

Valentines Day:  You were not thrilled with Valentines day.  You spent most of it fussing.  We did however sit down for a meal of sweet potatoes and green beans which you enjoyed.  We also sat down and read a short story of the story of Saint Valentine because after all we are a military family so it seemed fitting.

Baby Sign:  Puppy and milk are the only two you know and will do when you want them.  It's cute to see you get a touch frustrated when you sign puppy and the dogs don't come running like they do for me.  One day you will get there.  This is a small start to signing and I am so very happy that you are using it!

Favorite Toy: The Eric Carle Elephant is still at the top of your list with the ducky in a close second.  The play mat and walker (although stationary) are getting a workout from all the use.

Favorite Book:  There are two Disney books we have been reading from every night and you seem to be enjoying those quite a bit.  Any book I read though you will listen to without complaint.  This warms my heart as I want you to have a love of reading like I do.

First Snow:  I did not think I would get a chance to say this but you got to experience your first time with snow.  It wasn't much (2in) but it was snow!!!!  You can't quite grasp how big of a deal this was but we are in Louisiana and the most winter we get is an occasional flurry or a mild ice storm.  Looks like the Polar Vortex hit the deep South.  At any rate I bundled you up in the snowsuit I bought you and we went outside with the puppies and played in the snow.  I'm not sure if you were just happy to see the puppies running around or what but I'll take it!

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