Friday, January 10, 2014

The workout that shouldn't have happened

I have found throughout this deployment that its not the big obstacles that knock me out its the little tiny ones that seem to come in bulk.  They seem to be the ones to knock me on my butt again and again.  Today I was determined not to let it get to me down.  After what felt like a disaster of a morning, I set out to make the evening go smoothly.  This meant making up for my morning workout I missed.

I Let the dogs outside while I get myself in workout clothes then get the dogs in the crate.  As I go to get Bear his snowsuit or what I am calling his snowsuit, I see muddy paw prints all over the carpet from when they just came in.  Yes I could have taken care of it later but I couldn't let it go.  Out comes the carpet cleaner.  15 minutes later I'm back picking up where I left off.

By the time I get Bear in his snowsuit I loudly hear that he needs a diaper change.  I take care of the diaper, pop open the jogging stroller, strap him in and head out the door.  Right before I leave I think throwing on my heart rate monitor would be a smart idea.  I get it on only to realize the battery in the watch I used just the day before is dead.  No biggie.  I take it off and head out the door.

I didn't even round the corner when I notice the back two tires are low so low that I would likely ruin the tire by using it that way.  It took me no less than 30 minutes to add air to all the tires and clean up my mess.  It's fine as I am finally on my way.

Down the driveway, up the road and around the corner...

This is as far as I made it.  Somewhere between the driveway and around the corner the right tire appeared to be slipping off the rim causing a bump every time the tire ran over it.  I let some air out but it didn't fix it.  I headed home defeated.  All that time wasted.

Bear was beginning to lose it so I took him out and put him in the swing before I fixed the tire.  Basically all the air needed to be let out to fix it and I still haven't filled it back up again.  That is for another day when the dominoes aren't falling down.

One hour and two ice pops later I decide to get out of my funk and just do a dvd workout.  Something is better than nothing.  For today this something is a dvd workout with a grumpy, overtired, teething baby who remained together for all of 30 minutes before losing it.  I never finished but I need to be ok with that I did.

Every little bit helps right?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Bear: 6 month

Dear Bear,

Wow what a month Bear!  I have seen so much developmental growth this past month it amazes me daily.  You can roll over now far better than you were able to last month.  You continue to hold the small bottles for feeding but refuse to hold the bigger ones.  I suppose that are just too much for you at this point and will grow into it.  Your big personality is out in full force now.  You make it clear when you do and don't like something or someone.  The poor nurse who gave you your 6mo shots certainly got a mean 'ol look from you.  On the flip side you LOVE when Duke wants to give you attention.  It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  Clearly you have stolen Duke from me.  I don't mind too much ;-)

Quick Stats

Weight:  You are 13 lbs, 7 1/2 oz.  This puts you in the 3rd percentile which is a big deal as you are on the bell curve!

Length:  a big 25 inches in length.  Another big jump from the 3rd percentile to the 7th!  YAY! I am always breathe a sigh of relief knowing you are where you should be.

Clothing size:  Finally you are in sizes 3-6mo and/or 6m(carters) clothing.  Length wise the clothing  fits you well but they are baggy on you because you are so skinny.

Diaper size:  I have assumed that you will just be a disposable diaper baby.  The cloth ones do not fit you will at all and you end up leaking out of your leg gussets or near the waist.  Over all a terrible fit.  I am done even trying them on you.

:  You are an amazing little sleeper who is slow to wake up.  I love this about you as it makes mornings very easy on everyone!

Food:  You are still on mainly on formula but you have started on solid food.  So far you have mixed feelings on rice cereal.  Then we moved on to Sweet Potatoes which you seem to like even better.  I am not sure what I will go to next.

Favorite Toy: The Eric Carle toys are still near the top of your favorite toy list.  Added to that is the activity mat.  You could spend hours on both your back and your belly on the that thing.  It worth its weight in gold I swear.

Favorite Book:  You are loving the Little Blue Truck books and the touch and feel books we have.  I need to pick you up a few more of them as I am getting tired reading you the same two over and over again.

Christmas:  Since you are still so little, you obviously don't understand what is going on.  We started the morning with breakfast then opened a few gifts.  I did hand over hand at first but then let you have at it.  I would start it and you would have a blast ripping the paper.  So much so that I don't think you really cared what was inside.  Overall I would say it was a success.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Good Luck Food

New Years' Day 2013

A long standing tradition in my family is to eat pork as the first dinner in the new year. The saying goes "a pig roots forward, chicken scratches backwards, and a cow stands still."  Pork symbolizes forward progress which is why we eat pork on New Years' Day.  Many cultures have various forms of "good luck" food for this day.  Herring, Dark Leafy Greens, and Lentils spring to mind but pork is the go to food of choice for our family.  This is what I like to call a throw together meal.  To go along with the ham I baked some left over potatoes from a stew I made earlier this week and steamed the last of the salad fixings.  Over all it was just an ok meal.  I wish I had more veggies on hand but you use what you got.  

Living the Good Life!

The weather has cooled off here and we are loving it!  This has given us time to relax and enjoy time outside without sweating to death.  T...