Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The shame of getting busted

A Post that somehow never posted despite it being scheduled...
oh well here it is now.

Written late spring / early summer 2013
while pregnant with Buddy Bear


For the past 4 days I have been somewhat of a bum. In fact I only got out I my pajamas once to go get my gender ultrasound and hit up the commissary quickly afterwords. The exhaustion has been getting to me. I have a ton of energy for 2-3 hours then I crash. I crash hard! Like 2 hour nap on the couch hard. Granted I am busy cleaning or organizing for those active hours but it just doesn't seem like I am doing enough. However I will listen to my body and what it seems to need right now. After all this baby is my top priority!

Well during one of my busy times I walked outside to throw the trash out. The neighbors little girl comes running up to me and tells me that she just accidentally tossed her doll in my backyard. I asked her to hang on a moment and that I would go get it for her. Upon bringing the doll back she says "I like your curly hair". I say thank you and go about my business.

The next day I walk outside to get the mail and the same little girl comes running up to me. She was asking me questions about my dogs which I gladly answered. The next question however took me by surprise.

"I like your pajama pants. Are those the same ones you had on yesterday?"

I was busted by a kid for wearing the same pants two days in a row. To me it was no big deal as they didn't get dirty and I had planned to change them after my shower when I was done working. However the look on the girls face when she asked was one of pure disgust. I panicked and lied. You guys I lied to an 8 year old. I said I have two of those pants because I liked them so much. I then quickly slipped back inside in shame. Not only did I feel bad about lying to a kid, but I also question the cleanliness of my pants.

My first move was to hop into the shower, change my clothes and do a load of laundry. My next was to hop on the old navy website and order new pajama pants. I ordered 4 different designs as they are the only lounge pants that seem to not bother my growing belly.

I know my pants were clean but showed wear.  For some reason the little kid made me question them. Oh well now I have new pants on their way to my house and I will do any outdoor work while school is in session.


  1. Why do we care what little kids think? Haha My niece came over a few months ago because my sister needed me to watch her and when she got there she said, "Why do all three of you still have on your pajamas?" LOL I felt like a bum, too.

    1. I've decided that it's because they are blunt and honest.


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