Sunday, December 8, 2013

My thoughts on Eriksen pic

Everyone has seen the pic of Caroline Berg Eriksen.  If you haven't take a sec and go here.

I find it insane that anyone is getting on this girls case for looking that hot 4 days post baby.  News flash people, she is all about fitness.  She was super fit before pregnancy and more than likely worked out throughout her entire pregnancy.  That's why she looks as good as she does after pregnancy.  It's not some secret that we don't all know about so why is she taking so much heat for it????

I hate that women take their own insecurities out on each other.  She put in the time and it clearly paid off.  She might not be the "norm" of what the average woman looks like post baby but every persons' body reacts differently.

 I personally was not in the best shape prior to getting pregnant.  However throughout my pregnancy I walked and ate healthy.  Heck, I took better care of my body pregnant than I had in years prior.  That good behavior reflected in only a 13lb HEALTHY total weight gain for the 35 weeks I was pregnant.  I can assume I would have been around 17lbs had I gone full term.  I should add this because I know this thought will be out there and no I was not grossly overweight pre-pregnancy but did I need to lose some weight? Sure.  I did not look like Eriksen or anything close to what she did post baby.  Not even today 5 month post baby.  What I can say is the effort I put in during and after pregnancy is why I was able to continue the healthy habits after.

I for one am glad she is proud of her post baby body.  She should be.  Kudos to her.

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  1. That's nuts that she looks so great but like you said, she probably was already in great shape and stayed that way. I think a lot of women look at that and get discouraged but forget that she didn't start her fitness journey on her delivery day.


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