Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Makeup gift ideas 2013

Today I will explore my picks for Makeup this holiday season.

BareMinerals is one of those brands that either you love them or you hate them.  The loose powder often scares people away.  After all they can be messy.  However they do have some great kits out on the market.   I would recommend starting with one that include several different products but avoids foundations and concealers.  Personally unless you have extremely oily skin they won't work well.  That being said they have many great products.  One of my favorites is their mascara.  It's worth checking it out if you haven't.  

I for the life of me can't remember the name of any of these kits.  Helpful I know.  They can however be found at Ulta.  Do not let the loose powder scare you off!  They have great pigment and last a long time.  Start with a very little and build from there.  If you are worried about spillage put a paper towel underneath the product when opening and during use.  Any fall out lands on the paper towel.  If the jar is not stored flat then a few gentle taps on the counter to the bottom should even things out prior to opening.  Final tip for loose powder... Most people when open the jar in their hands will twist it to the side when opening.  Keep the jar flat on the counter when opening.  

For those still hesitant in loose powder try their pressed powder line.  Same pigment payoff without the hassle.    

For those willing to venture in this is an amazing set!!! They have a new one out just about every year.  There are different finishes (velvet, satin, glitter) all very wearable.  Those Jewel tone colors are divine.  I can not wait pick this up!!!!

Stila Cosmetics is another brand that is in the middle.  Not high end but not drug store makeup either.  They have great sales so I never buy any item from them full price.  Always buy from them directly as there sales typically only occur on their website.  
I love that their holiday collection is timeless.  Each are sold separately and around $16. 

Starting from left to right this is the lighter of the two lip color palettes.  For me this one is more universal.  If you are afraid of color this is the place to start as there is neutral colors.  You can also apply two or more colors to make a brand new one.  Just make sure to use different brushes as to avoid mixing within the palette itself.  TIP: use press and seal cut to fit to extend the life of the lip pallet.  It will keep them from drying out as quickly!

The Cheek palette is next up and they are beautiful colors in my opinion.  Very wearable.  I only wish they had thrown in one daring color.  However this is a safe palette to go with. 

The eye palette is last.  Again they are beautiful colors but Stila is playing it safe.  I am craving a darker color in here for smokey eye.  One that you could use to take the look from day to night.  That really is my only flaw with this eye palette.  

Overall I think they are a great choice.  Something where you could throw all three in your over night bag and you would be set.  
If you are looking for amazing stocking stuffers these are the perfect item!!!  Ranging from $8(on sale)-$16 you can't ever go wrong here.  Four eye shadows that can be used wet or dry for a total of 8 different colors.  A more vibrant color wet and more subdued color dry.  They also include a Cheek and either a Highlight or lip color as well.  As you can see from the picture they also include a small mirror built in mirror and How to instructions for the look that was intended for this makeup.  That doesn't mean you can't do your own thing but it does give you a jumping off point.  The negatives, all beauty products have them.  You will need to cut press and seal to fit over the lip gloss area to keep it from drying out or from running if you accidentally leave in your car or i don't know if you set your purse down near the heater at work.  In addition a rubber band (not too tight!) around the item will insure it remains closed if you toss it in your makeup bag.  The magnetic closure is just OK.  I like to be sure it is closed.  

Overall a must have item in any of their travel palettes!

The hot palette of season.  Urban Decay has done it again.  Naked 3 has beautiful pink tones that would work for just about anyone.  This is an amazing palette to own.  However I would say don't stress over getting your hands on one right away as they are infamously low on supply when they first come out to drive up sales.  You know what it works.  The illusion of minimal supply means everyone rushing to stores to get it but don't! They aren't going anywhere.  I would suggest putting a picture of the item in the card or adding it to a coupon book to be bought at a later date.  Any women would love this.  

Note the item is slightly higher in price than the previous two in the collection at $52 from retail stores.  I believe that you can get it from urban deacy's website for the standard $50 but don't quote me that.

My final pick for makeup this holiday is Lorac's mini lip gloss set.  At $20 they are a steal!  They are gorgeous wearable colors that could push someone slightly out of their comfort zone with the bright pink and coral colors.  A must is you can get you can get your hangs on this.  A hot item that is limited edition.  

Any holiday collections you like out there?

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