Monday, December 9, 2013

Kitchen gifts 2013

Since Christmas is quickly approaching I think some holiday gift ideas could be in order.  These are something things we have asked for or received that we really liked over the last couple of years.  Look out for other gift idea posts thought this week.

Anyone who knows me knows I love cooking.  However over the years I have gotten pretty particular about what I like.  Most of the items below can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond and they range in price from about $5 - $100 (with only one item being close to $100).

1. Copco Travel mugs - have been my go to item.  I spill things regularly and I am paranoid I will accidentally spill something on Buddy Bear so I use the Travel mugs all the time.

2. Acrylic Salt and Pepper Mills - I love the look of these.  They are functional and pretty.  Just make sure to wash them in between fills.  Oh and ensure that they are completely bone dry before re filling thing or you will have a mess on your hands.

3.  5 in 1 grill and griddle - This is on the top of my list this years for far to many reasons to list here. 

4. A square ravioli stamper -

5. Flex Beater for KitchenAid Mixer - I use it a lot this time of year and not having to turn it off to scrape the sides with a spatula would be nice.

6. Oil Mister - On non stick cookware you shouldn't use things like Pam to keep stuff from sticking.  A chemical used in the products eats away at the non-stick coating.  However using this will give me one that I can use.

7.  Wooden or Bamboo spoons and turners - I use ours so often that I find ours to be in such a poor state that we need new ones.  I prefer bamboo to wooden but that's my personal preference.

8. Peeler set - These are 3 different styles for 3 different outcomes.  I mainly want these for there ability to peel softer items like tomatoes and what have you.

9.  Microplane Graters - My Hubby likes the old fashioned box graters but personally I hate those hence why I want these this year.

10. Silicone baking mat - I have resisted these since they came out and now I am finally willing to try them.

11.  Muffin Tin - More specifically I am interested in the 6 cup Muffin Tin.  I have been using our Toaster Oven more and more and this would work well seeing as our regular muffin tins don't fit in the toaster oven.

Any kitchen items on your list this year?

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