Friday, December 6, 2013

Dear Buddy Bear: 5 Months

Dear Buddy Bear,
This month has flown by.  Let me think.  There have been a few changes with you since last month.  You are spitting intentionally which is driving me crazy.  Then you have begun to roll from tummy to back and back to tummy.  There is no consistency in it but you have stopped surprising yourself when ending up in the opposite position.  Which is a small step in the right direction.  Then you began bring items to your mouth as well as leaning in to take a bottle.  The final milestone you have started doing is joining two sounds together.  I realize I am very much in teacher mode when discussing your growth and that is something I doubt I will grow out of.  Hopefully it doesn't get to you too much.

Quick Stats

Weight:  I am guessing you are around 12lbs but since we haven't had a checkup this month its just a guess.

Clothing size:  You are still in Size 0-3.  You have outgrown some of the smaller fitting 0-3 clothing and have moved up into 0-3 pants.  However the 3m pants are still big in the waist for you.

Diaper size:  For the time being I have packed away cloth diapers until you are much older.  I'm so disappointed I don't even want to get into it.  In disposables you are still a size 1.  Not much has changed there.

Sleep:  Your sleep is starting to become more of a pattern.  I love it as I am trying to get you into a real schedule to make both of our lives easier.  You sleep well at night and you give me 6-8 hour stretch every night

Food:  You are on formula now despite my efforts.  Oh well.  I will however keep you on the similac Supplemental formula since you have done so well with it.

Favorite Toy: You are still in love with the Eric Carle stroller toys but have also taken a liking to the toy keys with the cold packs on the ends.  I am sure this is because you are beginning the stages of teething.

Favorite Book:  You enjoy the "Dump and friends" book by Julie Andrews.  During your morning bottle we watch daddy read you this story.  I could probably quote it from memory by now but you love it so I will keep playing it.  We have also been reading a Disney collections book at night.  I love how you get excited for story time and giggle and coo while I read to you every night.  Some nights its 3-4 stories and others you only make it though 1.

Thanksgiving:  This year we spent the holiday exactly how I wanted to.  A quiet relaxed day at home just the two of us.  I prepped dinner the day before to make cooking easy.  Once dinner was on we sat down and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade commercial free thanks to recorded TV.  I one day hope our little family can be in NYC watching it live in person.  I have such fond memories of the parade that I want you to be able to have a bit of what I got to experience.


  1. Wow 5 months already!? He is too cute for words.

    1. Thank you! I know I really can't believe it myself. He's getting too big!


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