Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cookbooks Gift Ideas 2013

The 4th day in a row posting.  This might be a record for me!  Lets see I can keep this going. 

One thing I love is a good cookbook.  Something I can turn to for a great recipe that I know I will love.  I'll admit I have too many already but I a few more wouldn't hurt ;-)

I fell in love with Rachel Khoo while watching reruns of her cooking show.  All 10 episodes on BBC, of Rachel Khoo in her tiny Parisian apartment kitchen making the most delicious food with the bare essentials.  The stuff she would make with just a double burner camp like stove and a toaster oven would amaze me!  

I got Hubby the Carnivore cookbook last year and the 5 in 5 cookbook this year.  They have some really delicious recipes!!!  Hubby likes to cook and so why not help out.  I don't mind because they are always sooooo good. 

For the person who is not the best at cooking this is the cookbook to get.  The recipes are step by step.  If you are tech savvy then skip this and just search her online recipes as everyone I searched for from the book was also online.  Did I buy it yes, but only because I am too lazy to print the recipes offline.  

These are ones I have heard good things about.  I watch her cooking shows often and have made many of her recipes from them.  I asked for one or more of these for Christmas this year so we shall see if I get any.

What are your favorite Cookbooks?

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