Friday, December 13, 2013

Buddy Bear Toy Ideas 2013

Buddy Bear will be getting lots of gifts every year I am sure as we have a big family.  We create one list for my side and one list for Hubby's side for gift ideas for Buddy Bear.  So far with us this has worked out so I see no reason why this year won't either.  


1. Lil' zoomers by fisher price extra cars

2. lil zoomers racin ramp firehouse

3. lil' zoomers safari 

4.  Baby Einstein treasure chest

5.  Vtech nest and lean animals

6. poppity pop dump truck

7.  Discovery sounds hammer 

8.  laugh and learn smart phone

9,  Laugh and learn remote

10.  bright starts license to drool keys 

11.  Oball shaker

12.  Vtech Sit to stand walker - This is a bit older for Bear at 9mo but I think he will like it.

13. Leap Frog Scout

He will likely not get all of these but they are on his list.  What do you have on your kids list?  Any of the above mentioned toys?

Look for more infant item gift ideas tomorrow.


  1. We have a lit of these and love them! They been favorites with both girls. I haven't seen the treasure chest. I need to look into it for E's birthday! :)


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