Wednesday, December 18, 2013

big bang, Christmas, downsizing, and more

Playing catch up...

  • I have watched so many big bang episodes this deployment that I am not shocked that the theme song makes Buddy Bear smile and giggle.  Yup my kid likes The Big Bang.  Not sure if that's a good thing or not.  It's on in the background I guess for him because 99% of the time I watch tv he can't even see it.  As far as my tv viewing goes there could be far worse on.  At least big bang is a rather clean show.  This is clearly me trying to justify my excessive big bang viewership over the last 6 months.
  • My Christmas decorations were up long before Thanksgiving.  Don't Judge.  If I had help I wouldn't have done it until after Thanksgiving but I had the time so I set it up.  Could I have probably found time after Thanksgiving to do it, most likely yes.  However, I'm happy it was done when it was.
  • Duke with one big hit of his tail took out the bookshelf that was being held together with duct tape and a prayer.  Classy I know.  I have two new much prettier bookshelves that arrived a little while ago that took the time to put together.  They are by the sofa table for now as the real place to put them is where the Christmas tree is currently set up.
  • My plan was/is to clean and re-organize the house before Hubby comes home.  Since our moved in 10 months ago we never really got this place up to par.  Then I got left with a mess on my hands, a new baby, and two rowdy dogs.  However I have managed to get some things done and maintained.  However not enough for my liking.  I guess it's not dirty but cluttered.  I hate clutter.
  • That being said the list of garage sale items is growing.  The goal will be to get rid of everything for whatever money we can get.  Anything left will be donated.  Downsizing feels good.  
  • I have been doing various workout dvds as I currently refuse to put my son in the ghetto post daycare don't have access to a gym.  The Tracy Anderson ballet style workouts make me more sore then I thought I would be.  It's very low impact and if you can mimic the small changes she does throughout her workout you will feel it.  That being said she is terrible at prompting you for the next move.  It took me a while to catch on but now that I have I don't seem to mind it as much.
  • Now that Buddy Bear is on a schedule life is much smoother around here.  Things are predictable and I can finally get things done.  I know this comes with him getting older but it's nice not feel like I'm drowning all the time.


  1. Oh how I love Big Bang! Wearing my bazinga shirt on our road trip tomorrow. :)

  2. There is nothing clean about Big Bang! LOL We love that show, though. We have no less than 128 episode on our DVR. Just can't delete them.

    1. OK well the term "clean" is maybe not the right word. It's not Mickey Mouse but its also not Law and Order: SVU or NCIS. Big Bang is about as far as I am willing to push the limit with in watching in front of my kid. In saying "clean" I mean cursing, nudity, violence that sort of thing is really limited. Sheldon falling down the stairs, someone saying "dang it", or penny wrapped up in a blanket isn't a big deal to me. There is a bit of sex talk but I think it's done at such a high level its way over a kids head they wouldn't even get it. not just because Bear is 5mo but my cousin who is 12 doesn't get it when she watches the show with her parents. While the only things he ever really watches are baby Einstein type videos so I can get x, y, or z done on the rare occasion I need to stretch the time I need to do something. However if the tv is on in the background for me, I'd rather it be witty banter than an explanation of how the dead hooker got there.


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