Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Christmas Recap

While Boeuf Bourguignon cooks away on the stove and Bear sleeps in his high chair I want to take this rare break to write about our holiday season.  For starters we stayed here in Louisiana just the 2 of us.  Well 4 if you count the dogs.  I wasn't sure what exactly I expected for Christmas.  You would think a holiday with hubby deployed and family states away would be a terrible one.  Overall though I don't think it was.  I can't say it was a great Christmas but it wasn't the worst I've had.

  • I mentioned before that I slacked off on Halloween and Thanksgiving this year.  We never went to the pumpkin patch even just for pictures.  We didn't even sit at the table for turkey dinner.  The pictures I have are terrible iPhone pics at best.  So for Christmas I wanted to go all out.  I didn't but I did put more effort into it. The morning was spent with two cups of coffee accompanied by Bear losing it because of a combination of gas and his reflux medicine dosage being too low.  After a long nap he was in a much better mood.  We opened a few gifts, snapped a few pictures and watched the parade and some Christmas movies.
    Can we talk for a second about the Disney Christmas parade.  Neil Patrick Harris as the host was an amazing idea!  He's fabulous.  I think they over did the Star Wars thing we get it by enough.  The bit at the end with the missing Santa was cute.

  • Speaking of pictures I took some in his Christmas outfit shortly after putting up the tree, again on Christmas morning, then again a few days after.  I am so glad I did this because if I tried to cram it all in on one day I doubt I would have gotten the fabulous pictures I did.  In an effort to be more in the moment and not be behind the camera I held 3 gifts aside to open later while I snap pictures of it.  This worked out for the best as I even got a video of it.
  • Despite every one's opinion on me wrapping all of Bears' presents I did it anyway.  He LOVED ripping the paper.  I sat him up and started it for him.  The first few were hand over hand to give him the idea of what needed to be done.  I would then start them and he would slowly pull on it.  It was easily more exciting to rip the paper off than playing with the gifts themselves.  The gifts that had dead space between the item and the packaging were the easiest for him to do.  I need to remember this for his birthday!   On the last Christmas gift I saved for him, which he was beyond sick of unwrapping and having a camera shoved in his face, I managed to get a short clip of him pulling on the paper.  Hubby was upset about missing Christmas so I wanted to capture a little bit of what I could for him.  He loved the video and pictures.
  • We all pretty much got what was on our list but here is a quick look at our loot.  

  • At a loss for what to cook I made a mini Turkey Day meal take two.  Only not nearly as good as the first.  That could have been that I was really craving a sweet potato casserole and used a boneless turkey verse a boneless turkey breast like I had back in November.  Lesson learned.  Or next year I just let Hubby cook so I don't have too.  Actually I am going with that!
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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