Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Buddy Bear: 4 Months

Dear Buddy Bear,

This past month has been an interesting one.  You have grown and changed so much this month.  So much so that you went from a baby that just sat there kicking your arms and legs to one that likes to sit up with help.  You also love playing on your play mat both on your tummy and on your back.  You reach for the toys and if you get one you try to pull it into your mouth.

You are also a very happy baby.  you are smiling or laughing all the time.  Duke still sits by your side most of the time.  He will put his head on your swing to be closer to you.  When he does this it stops the swing from moving and you will kick your legs and fake cry until he moves.  It really is fun to see you two interact now matter how limited it is.  I can see you two being buddies as you get bigger.

Quick Stats

Weight: 10lbs, 11oz

Clothing size:  you are holding steady with size 0-3 in one piece outfits but are in newborn pants for the most part.  Your waist is too tiny for 0-3 pants.

Diaper size:  Since the cloth diapers still don't fit you properly you are in size 1 diapers.  I switched from pampers to Huggies because I was beyond sick of all the blowouts.  Hopefully you will fit in the cloth diapers soon.

Sleep:  You are sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at night with more clear awake times.  I will admit that I love it.

Food:  You are getting a mix of pumped milk, nursing, and formula.  However you will moving to just formula soon.

Favorite Toy: Eric Carle stroller toys.

Favorite Book:  The little blue truck.

Halloween:  You were a skeleton for Halloween this year.  We had Zero trick or treat-ers this since there was a storm coming the they were going to move the day but no one knew.

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