Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dear Buddy Bear: 3 Months old

Dear Buddy Bear,

I can not believe that three months have flown by.  You are getting so big!  At just over 9lbs you are more than double your birth weight.  It's crazy the amount you have grown but everyone still keeps telling me you are a small little guy.  I suppose that's true considering all your cousins weighed at least eight pounds at birth.  I am just thankful that you are a happy and healthy little boy.

So you get bigger you are starting to show some clear likes and dislikes with a hint of stubbornness thrown in there.  I guess that is to be expected after all both your father and I are very much like that as well.  You have such a big personality for someone so small.

Some of your dislikes come as no surprise to me.  First up is Coco's cold wet nose on your face.  I don't blame you I hate it too.  Then there is your clear dislike of me reading you any of the Dumpy Books.  However you don't have any problem with your father reading them too you.  I will try not to take it heart.    You also hate being in a dirty diaper.  The second you go, you want it changed.  Yes it can get frustrating but I hope this means you will be easy to potty train.

You love snuggling, Duke, listening to books and tummy time.  I'm pretty sure Duke loves you equally as much as you love him.  He is always by your side.  Every coo or cry there he is to check on you.  I can not wait to see how you two interact as you grow up.  Some days the puppies, you and I curl up on the floor and I read to you from one of the many books we have in your nursery.  Tummy time has gotten more fun for you now that you surprise yourself by rolling over.

My favorite development this month is your smiling.  That is smiling more than just when you have gas. Specifically when you smile at me.

Quick Stats

Clothing size:  You are in 0-3m and 3m clothing.  Onesies and sleepers fit you reasonably well but the pants are still too big on you.  You are a tall, lean baby.

Diaper size:  You are still in disposable Newborn size diapers but you could use to move up to size 1.  I plan to move you into Cloth diapers just as soon as the washing machine is fixed.

Food:  You are still eating exclusively pumped milk.

Sleep:  You sleep in both your crib and in the pack and play.  You will sleep between 6-8 hours at night. You are slowly moving towards longer nap time throughout the day with your most awake periods being in the early evening.

Favorite Toy:  Your play mat seems to be a favorite.  Then again you love tummy time and since we use the play mat for it my best guess.

Favorite Book:  You love listening to anything I read even the newspaper.  However you seem to get pretty excited when you watch daddy's video of "dumpy and friends" by Julie Andrews.  You also seem to like "Little blue truck" by Alice Schertle.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

confessions of the week

There are a few things that I need to fess up to...

1.  I don't watch the news or read about anything going on with the war or the middle east or any of that while hubby is deployed.  I'd rather not know.  It keeps me sane.  What you don't know doesn't hurt you right?

2.  I may have put my son back into an outfit that had dried spit up on it after his bath because I couldn't remember which basket had the clean clothes in it and which had the stuff I'm comfortable hand washing until the washing machine gets fixed.

3.  Funny story... Remember that last post the one about my crazy overbearing mother in law and how she kept pushing me to try to nurse him when he clearly would have no part of it.  Yeah well the combination of vanity (I was lopsided from pumping) and some sound advice from someone in the blog world I decided to give it another go.  Without pushing him or cause any stress to either of us.  Well apparently hes a nursing baby now without any issues.  Well that is until yesterday when all he wanted was bottles.  I figured I will try again in a couple of days once he's recovered from him vaccination.

4.  I have refused to tell my mother in law about my above confession.  The last thing I need is her two cents on the topic of nursing.  Or the everyday phone calls asking about my breasts.

5.  I'm counting chocolate zucchini cakes as a vegetable....  For today at least.

6.  I did not pick up the dog dirt before the lawn guys came.  I'm terrified to head back there to pick up what remains.

7.  It's been three days since I have slept in a bed.  I miss it terribly.  Buddy Bear hasn't been feeling well especially in the evenings so we sit up and watch old movies...  Seven brides for seven brothers, 12 angry men, Meet me in st. Louis, and white Christmas.  Anyone wanna join?

8.  Speaking of White Christmas.  I may have been playing Christmas music in the car already.

I think this is enough confessions for one week... Off to prep dinner.

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