Wednesday, September 18, 2013

please no more!!!!

Today was one of those days that I wish I could just wake up and start it all over again.  I barely got any sleep cause hubby wanted to talk from 3-5 AM and by the time that I could fall back asleep I needed to take care of the baby.  After getting up and moving for the day I decided not put off going to the shopping area an hour and a half south of me.  Everything was ready so I put it all in the car (or so I thought) and headed out.  It wasn't until I was an hour into my trip that I realize I forgot the two things I went down there for.  The clothing I was returning and my wedding ring needed to be checked.  I figured I was too close to turn around and went shopping at targets.  A cute bag, shoes, and a Halloween costume for buddy bear later I though things were looking up.  WRONG! I walked out the store without paying for the wipes that were in the bottom of the cart.  I felt like an idiot, but walked them back in to customer service.  The lady was very nice about the whole thing and shocked that I would have brought it back in.

Once we get back into the car buddy bear losses it while driving to pick up food.  I pulled into the closest parking lot cause I know he needed a bottle and a diaper change. What do I find but puke all down the front of him.  Great. just what I needed.  I changed him completely and cleaned up the car seat the best that I can.  He got a quick bottle before getting back on the road.

I get home to find more puke.  Wonderful.  I take him out and he pukes on me.  Even Better!  A bath for both of us sounded good.  15 minutes later the care seat cover and straps were in the washer as was the swing cover cause oh yeah he puked on that too.  He gets a bath in the sink followed by him peeing on while I am drying him off.  Buddy bear needed to be washed again so I do that and quickly put a diaper on him this time.  Finally I get a shower.  A Quick one but it felt good.  While I was brushing out my hair I realize that I never gave him his reflux medicine this morning hence all the puking.  I feel horrible but I have to wait until this evening until I can give him any.

We sat down to relax in the living room when I realize in the 10 minutes since my shower I have leaked through my bra and shirt because I forgot to put breast pads in my bra after the shower.  Oh and it has also been 8 hours since I last pumped.

I know these are all trivial things but I lost it today.  I wish I just had hubby here to help.  The hardness of this got to me today.  On the verge of crying I look at Buddy Bear and he smiles.  It helped me pull myself together and move on from it all.  Snuggle on the couch sounds like a good evening.

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