Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Baby A - Two Months

Dear Buddy Bear,

This has been a tough month for the both of us.  We have been back and forth to the doctor for a cold you just couldn't seem to shake.  It turns out you also have a bit of a reflux problem we are working on getting a handle of.

Your two month check up is tomorrow and I am eager to see what you weigh and how tall you are. you are getting so big lately.  It is funny to see you get pudgy every week and then thin out.  It lets me know that you are growing.  You have also finally kinda sorta moved into size 0-3 / 3 clothing.  I say kinda because some of the newborn outfits still fit but only a couple of them.  That a good thing for now because we only have a few for you.  More are on their way though and once they get here I will bag up all your newborn clothing.

I am finally beginning to see some personality come out of you.  You know what you want and how to get it with all the different sounds you make.   There is just a touch of a picky baby in you that I sorta love.  It reminds me that you at least have a bit of my personality ;-)

Buddy bear you make so many sounds now.   The funny grunts when the dogs get near you.  The fake crying when you get sick of being held or want out of the swing.  The sweet coos when you hear daddy reading you a story.  All of which I can't get enough of.

Speaking of the stories "dumpy and friends" is your favorite but only when daddy reads it to you.  Or rather I play the video of him reading it to you.  You like it so much so that you begin to cry and stick out your lip when switch to any other book.  I hope you start liking some of the other ones soon cause while I know you love Dumpy the Dump truck Mama is over it.  I bought you several more and sent them to daddy to read in hopes that we can move on from that one story.

You are adjusting to bath time.  The screams are reserved to the end of the bath when you have just had it.  No matter how fast I am you seem to lose it the second that I start in on washing between your fingers and toes.  I save it for the end cause I know how much you hate it.  Thankfully the post bath cuddles calm you right down and you fall asleep quickly.

The pack and play in our room is where you typically sleep.  You have slept a few times in your crib but we had to put a halt on that for a bit. That's a story for another time.  Regardless of where you sleep you seem to favor sleeping on your sides.  Recently you have begun rolling yourself over onto your side to sleep.  I very worried at first but you have yet to roll onto your stomach.  Not so sure you would mind that since you LOVE tummy time.  Once you have mastered rolling over completely I will stop worrying so much.

Since its getting close to bath I will cut this short.  Happy two months Buddy Bear!


P.S.  I'll add pictures when I get the chance.

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