Monday, August 26, 2013

That time my 6 week old embarrassed me

We were shopping at Walmart picking up the few things when we walk down an aisle that was packed.  I get about half way down and Baby A lets out one of his grown man farts.  Loud enough that the guy picking out cereal turned looked at me and started to chuckle.  Enough so that I could hear him.  I tell him I'm sorry that my son has gas and point to his car seat in the cart.  He responds with "there is no way that something that loud came out of something that small."

"No really if it was me i would have admitted it but I swear that was my son."  Getting all defensive clearly only made him think even more that it was me who farted.  Normally something like this wouldn't get to me.  Baby A farted and I should have just kept walking ignoring it like I do when he is home but for some reason this random guy hearing it, looking at me and laughing put me over the edge. He makes some other comment that I didn't pay attention to, "Whatever" him and walked away.

Yeah sadly this doesn't end here.  I take Baby A to the doctors the next day.  Sure enough who is sitting behind the desk checking ID's but the guy from Walmart.  He sees me and instantly starts to chuckle.  He asks me how I'm feeling.  I instantly get embarrassed smile and kept walking.

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