Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dear Baby A - One Month

August 6, 2013

Dear Baby A,

          One month has flown by!  I can't believe just one month ago I was in the hospital with Daddy totally unprepared for your early delivery.  We were excited and nervous all at the same time.  However we can't imagine life without our tiny 5lb, 5oz buddy bear.

          After just two weeks in the NICU you came home with us.  Daddy was super excited that he was able to be there to bring you home.  Sadly he has since left for deployment.  He misses you dearly.  If it wasn't for skype this would be an even harder deployment on everyone.  You get to see Daddy every day if only in video but you love hearing his voice and watching him read to you.  If you haven't heard this enough by now but you look like a tiny version of daddy in more ways than one.  The various facial expressions you make though are just like mine.

          You are adorable and such a happy baby.  You love snuggling.  You love it so much that you refuse to sleep in your bassinet.  Most nights I end up holding you and napping on the couch .  This means that I don't get much sleep but I know you are still very young.  In reality you should still be nice and cozy in my belly.  Since that isn't the case and we have company (grandma/MIL) here I won't push you to sleep in your bassinet just yet.  That however will change this weekend.

          As far as eating goes we have had a hard time finding a bottle you don't totally hate drinking out of.  I bought 7 different bottles and I still can't find one that works for you.  That ok though as you still haven't outgrown the ones we got from the hospital.  If need be I could always buy the disposables online but I would like to avoid that if I can.  You are a great eater for the most part.  You are still working on the Suck, Swallow, Breathe pattern.  Every day you get better and better at it.

          Andrew, you are the only baby I know that typically keeps their hands open.  You like to grasp my hand and whatever blanket is on you but only for a short period of time then you start flailing your arms   around.  I think its adorable.  There are clear awake periods when you love to look around and stare at things.  You love watching the dogs, the fan, and the videos of daddy.

          I can't wait to see what the next month brings us.  Hopefully it involves more sleep.  Please.  Pretty please.




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