Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby A's Birth Story - Part 1

I figured on Mudbugs' due date it would only be appropriate to post part 1 of his Birth story


The morning of July 3 I woke up with a headache.  I take some Tylenol, take a shower and wait for it to go away.  Four hours later that's when I remembered something.  After previously having been to labor and delivery with labor pain they had told me my blood pressure was slightly higher than normal and gave me a list of things to look out for.  On that list was a headache that didn't go away.  I decided to check my blood pressure.  It was 140/110.  I thought it was just my bp cuff acting up so I take it off and put it back on to retake it.  142/110.  I make the decision to call labor and delivery.  The nurse tells me that the bp cuff I have is "infamously wrong" so I shouldn't worry.  She tells me to lay on my side and take a nap.  She added that at some point today I should come in and get it checked.

I laid down and do as she says.  An hour later I wake up and still have a headache.  I decide it's time to go in.  I don't know what made me do it but I snapped a belly pic right before I left the house.  I chalk this up to actually having real clothing on that day but whatever the reason I am glad I did as it is the last belly picture I have from this pregnancy.

 I also decided to take the bedding out of the dog crates, feed them and let them outside one last time before leaving.  Again I am not sure what made me decide to take the bedding out but again another good decision looking back.   In the car ride to the hospital I was on the phone with hubby explaining why I am going in and that if he could make it I wouldn't mind some company while they took 2-3 hours to monitor me.  He agreed and wanted to be there anyway but he would get there as soon as he could.

In the hospital they do the standard urine sample, temperature, and blood pressure tests.  They confirmed what my bp cuff had already told me.  140/110.   They were concerned and took it every 30 minutes for the next 3 hours while they waited for the doctor and the lab results from my urine sample.  Hubby arrived about 30 minutes into my monitoring to keep me company.  He was a bit annoyed as they were being released early and had July 4th off.  Oh well it is what it is.

My doctor came in and told me that my lab results were in.  She said that the urine sample I had given had extremely high amounts of protein in it.  This meant that I could go into labor early.  Couple this with my high blood pressure and she was told me that I may have preeclampsia.  She added that she was keeping me overnight for observation to do a 12 hour urine collection.  The reason I was being admitted was because the next day was July 4th.  With there being minimal staffing because of the holiday she didn't want to risk sending me home for the standard 24 hour collection.  Hubby went home to gather things for me and to take care of the dogs, then he came back to hang out with me.  I got admitted.

In the hospital room on post I was given dinner and told to relax.

The nurse puts an iv in my hand but just as a precaution.  I am not thrilled about this.  I hate needles and I hate thing like IV's especially in my hand.

 Hubby returned with pajamas for me to wear for the night.  He stayed a bit to entertain me but had to return home to sleep and take care of the dogs in the morning.  Throughout the night they checked my blood pressure.  At 2 am they were supposed to take the urine collection to be tested.  The nurse was extremely late and didn't come to get it until 4am.  I texted hubby to not rush to come in in the morning as the test results wouldn't be coming back when the doctor had expected since she picked it up late.

I was wrong!

At 5:30AM the doctor came back into the room with a nurse.  She told me that the protein in my urine was extremely high.  In addition to that my blood pressure was on average higher than when I was first admitted the afternoon before.  She determined that I indeed did have preeclampsia.  The catch was that I was only 33 weeks pregnant and they do not have the capability to handle a preemie at the on  hospital.  This meant that I would need to be transferred to another hospital.  I picked the one slightly closer to my home but it was still an hour and a half away.   I texted Hubby to let him know what was going on.

Within minutes of her explaining what was most likely going to happen what I can only describe as a gaggle of nurses came rushing into the room.  One was hooking me up to a machine, another was taking my clothes off, three others doing god knows what and all while the last nurse gave me a shot in the butt.  OK ladies, first off I get that this a serious situation but stressing out someone who's blood pressure is already high isn't smart.  Secondly, I can take my own clothes off thank you very much.  Lastly you could have warned me about the steroid shot cause I hate needles!  When all the hoopla was winding down, in walks hubby and once the nurses all left he asks me if I'm ok because and I quote "I had a strange look on my face."  Well no I was just violated 6 ways to sunday!  ok a bit of an exaggeration but there were better ways that could have gone down.

While I took one long bumpy ambulance ride to the new hospital hubby went home to take care of the dogs and pack a real bag for me.  Upon arrival I switched beds and waited to see the doctor.  Hubby arrived just before he came in the room.  Like minutes before.

The Doctor said what I had already known, I in fact had preeclampsia.  He was going to give me another steroid shot the following morning to help the baby.  He also put me on a magnesium drip for 48+ hours that he told me would make me feel like crap.  "If I made it 48 hours we would take it from there." A normal person would be nervous at this point, don't get me wrong I totally was, but I though how bad could this Mag drip really be.  I was warmed that it is like a bad flu. To which I though "no biggie, I got this."

When the delivery would happen was anyone's guess.  We all wanted to keep the baby in as long as possible.   The doctor put it in very realistic terms... He wanted keep the baby my incubator (my belly) until the one down the hall was better for him.  Until them we wait.  It could be a day, it could be 6 weeks.

It wasn't 6 weeks.


  1. Good gracious! What a crazy experience!

  2. Glad to see all this written out. I can't wait to read the rest!


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