Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A crazy two weeks

It has been an amazing and overwhelming few weeks since I have last written.  Baby A (aka Mudbug) made and early appearance into this world.  I was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia and rushed to a different hospital.  4 days after going to the hospital for a headache and high BP, mudbug was born via cesarean.   Born at 33weeks, 6 days gestation he was a tiny 4 lbs at birth.  He spent 16 days in the nicu but I am happy to say he is finally home where he belongs.  I'll be taking some time to adjust to being a new mom.  I do want to write about all of this in more detail when I don't have a newborn needing a diaper change.  For now though here is a pic of the little one.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bump Update #20 - 33 weeks

Bump Update

How far along: 33 weeks, 1 day

Due Date:  August 18, 2013

Baby’s Size:   The baby is somewhere between the size of a pineapple (19in, 4.9lbs) and the size of a Durian Fruit (17.2in, 4.2lbs)

Total weight gain:
   So far I am at a total of 7 pounds total weight gain from my pre pregnancy weight.    

Best Moment this week:  

Food Cravings:  I have been craving fresh fruit, mainly apricots and peaches.  I also have been eating a bunch of cheese.  Odd I know but hey what baby wants baby gets! lol

Food Aversion:  Spicy food.  I have been craving anything with a kick but when I do contractions start and that just isn't good 6 weeks from my due date.  

Labor Pains:  I wrote about this here.  Thankfully my Blood Pressure has gone down and I am trying my best to stay hydrated to keep the contractions from happening. 

Movement:  His movement has become more patterned.  I can just about pinpoint his routine.  He has clear wake and clear asleep patterns. 

Gender:  He's still a boy.

Belly Picture:  I am going to have to update this one but for now check out my instagram for a new pic.

Belly Button in or out:  My belly button in still in!  You have no idea how happy it makes me!

Baby / Parenting Book I am Currently Reading:  I am in the process of trying to figure out how to download library ebooks onto my nook.  If you know how please let me know!!!

Looking forward to: My next appointment is going to be next monday.  It's my final appointment that hubby will be going to.      

This week’s Baby Task:  I need to finish the baby laundry, Pack for the hospital, and find the last minute items I forgot about.  I need to pick up a new laundry rack, some Rockin Green Cloth diaper detergent, Bac out, and deodorizer for the diaper pail.  I also want to pick some eric carle stroller toys. 

Living the Good Life!

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