Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the one where I vent

Lately it feels like everything is setting me off or putting me in a bad mood.  It's not so much the big things but the little things that are getting to me.  The pet peeves you could say.

1. Since when did becoming pregnant become a licence for you to tell me what I should or shouldn't be eating.  This is to you Starbucks lady with my small black coffee.  No I don't want decaf.   Oh and too you sushi waitress.  It's cooked sushi rolls you moron I can eat those!

2.  Cutting in front of someone in line at the supermarket is rude.  It's even worse when you cut in front of a pregnant women knocking into her belly and causing her to drop the items she is carrying.  Saying you're sorry here is appropriate when you are the one who messed up.  "oh dear"  doesn't count.

3.  Dear 13 year old who felt the need to comment of my poorly done home pedicure.  I too agree that I should have left it to the professionals.  The thought of spending another 5 minutes in a awkward position to attempt to remove the polish just seemed unbearable.  I'll get to it one of these days.

4. oh my pretty cuddly puppies.  I love snuggling with you on the floor.  In fact it's sadly some of the best sleep I get.  However could you please pretty please not hurl your 65lb/75lb bodies at me when you lay down.  The baby and I greatly appreciate it.

5.  Since when is kim kardashian's and kate middleton's babies held in the same regard.  Call me whatever you want but a future king/queen and the baby of someone "famous" for having her homemade porno leaked should not be compared.  They are from two different worlds!  And to add I am ok with people calling Kim fat while she is pregnant.  I strongly think that if she dressed her bump better people wouldn't feel the need to comment on her weight so much.

6.  People around here really need to learn how to drive.  A turning lane is there for a reason.  blinker help people know which direction you plan on turning.  Stop Signs are not a suggestion and for crying out loud learn how to merge into traffic!

7.  Dear OBGYN nurse.  I get that my blood pressure is slightly high.  You can't ask a 30 week pregnant women to walk down a hall, get weighed(on a scale that is incredibly far off from reality), walk back down another hall and then immediately take her BP.  It will be slightly high.  The shock and concern on your face isn't going to make me relax any either.

and finally....

8.  Telling a pregnant person she looks like she is about to pop when she really isn't will only make her more self conscience than she already was.  Thanks but I have another 9 weeks to go.


  1. those folks in deridder are the worst about failing to keep their mouths closed.


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