Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I blame the cupcakes!!

I didn't know that one could barely fail the Glucose test.  Excuse me for being naive here but I thought either you passed or you failed.  I didn't think it really mattered if you failed by 1 point or 200 points.  Failing is failing.  Its turns out I am both right and wrong.

I went in to take my 1 hour glucose test on a Friday directly after my OB appointment.  I was prepared and bought a book will me and told hubby to do the same.  If he was going to come to the appointment with me he would have to also suffer thought the 1 hour wait for my glucose test.  He agreed and so after the appointment we went down to the Lab.

I was given a choice of two flavors and went with lemon lime.  I had 5 minutes to drink it but I chugged it rather quickly.  It was gross but nothing too terrible.  For me it tasted like a super sweet flat sierra mist.  Not terrible but nothing I would want to drink again.  I waited one hour without any problems.  Got my blood drawn and was told no news is good news.  That if I passed they would likely just talk to me about it briefly at my next appointment.

While out running errand the phone rings.  Sure enough its the OB nurse telling me I need to schedule the 3 hour glucose test.  That I had just barely failed the 1 hour and that my doctor wanted to be on the safe side and have me take the 3 hour test one day the following week.

I was floored.  How could I not pass that.  I have been eating really well.  Heck the doctor didn't even seem that concerned about it at the appointment.  In fact she joked that it was just a matter of getting the passed test results back because I have shown no signs of Gestational Diabetes.

I schedule the appointment for the following Monday.  Just three days to avoid sweets, drink tons of water and eat healthy decent meals so that I can pass the stupid test.  My plan was to mainly avoid sweets as all the rest I had basically been doing already.

Later that night it dawns on me why I didn't pass the stupid one hour test.  You see eating 4 cupcakes the day prior probably isn't good for anyone.  I over indulged for sure.  Not something I normally do ever!  one maybe two on a special occasion but not 4 in one day.  No i did not sit down and eat 4 at once but I do recall eating two right before bed.  Clearly this isn't something that is going help me pass the glucose test.  Looking back I could kick myself!  I blame the yummy cupcakes!  Needless to say when I got home the cupcakes got tossed.  I did not want to be tempted by them.

Monday morning rolls around and I wake up hungry and thirsty like normal.  I was told not to eat or drink anything after midnight and to be at the Hospital Lab checking in no later that 8AM for the 3 hour glucose test.  Since I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 7:30PM the night before I needed something to drink or I would have been sick to my stomach before ever making it to the hospital.  Heartburn is really bad for me in first thing in the morning so I sipped on water the whole way to the hospital keep me from getting sick and needed to reschedule only to have the same thing happen all over again.

When I get in there I obviously lie and say I at or drank nothing right before they take my pre drink blood sample.  40 minutes later they come back and tell me that I am cleared to take the test and drink the horrible drink.  I picked orange this time knowing it was going to be twice as sweet.  I hate orange soda and that really did taste like a flat orange soda to me.  Sickeningly sweet.  I am told no food, drink, candy, gum, nothing until after the last blood it drawn at 3 hours post drink.

Hubby decided to be nice and join me in the terribly long wait.  We had the ipad on us loaded with a couple of movies to watch while we waited.  Hour one passed and I get my blood drawn without any signs of a problem on my end.  A touch thirsty but nothing I hadn't felt before.   Hour two want by pretty much the same way.  Blood drawn and one final hour to wait.  With one movie down I decide to read for a bit.  Hubby left to run some errands and that was back in plenty of time before I needed to go in for the last blood draw.

With the final one done they say to call the nurse in about 2 hours for my results.

Two hours on the dot later I call 2 different nurses and get the same result.  I Passed!

The OB nurse did give me more info that I didn't know.  First off you must pass 3 out of the 4 blood draws and one of those include the pre drink.  Without passing the pre drink you can't even take the test so this seemed fairly obvious.  At the 1 hour mark I failed.  At the 2 hour mark I barely pass by 2-3 points.  At the 3 hour mark I pass.  Meaning I passed 3 out of 4.  She said that as of right now my doctor will talk to me about this is further detail at my appointment next month but She might want to possibly have me retake the test later on.

Um.... to that I say... HELL NO!  I need more proof than just a "eh lets test her again just to see" for me to sit for 4 more hours and get stuck in the arm 4 more times by incompetent people is not going to happen. Especially not without any extra signs like rapid weight gain, excessive swelling, high blood pressure, or even just that the baby is reading larger than they thought and sure I'll take it again.  I will not however take it just to be a lab rat.  I need more proof.  I haven't shown any of there being anything wrong an I don't think they will just appear out of no where now.

Fingers crossed when I go back to the doctor next month that everything remains to be good.


  1. Ugh! I am hoping you don't have to go through that again! I failed my 1 hr test but passed the 3 hour. I hated them both. I am crossing my fingers you dont have to do that again!

  2. I hope everything stays good!


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