Friday, June 7, 2013

cooking my way out

If you knew me in real life you would know how much Hubby and I enjoy cooking.  We love spending part of a lazy day trying new recipes or attempting to perfect the ones we currently have.  The longer we are together the more I realize that is will never be just mine or just his responsibility to cook dinner for the family on a daily basis.  We both enjoy it too much to let the other one take over the space completely.

That being said though we have fallen into a rut kitchen wise.  We cook the same meals, always doing our designated part to contribute to the meal we are preparing.  It's become routine and neither of us are happy about it.

We decided that if we were going to make boring meals we would at least make them in bulk.  This is in part to help me prepare for deployment and the new baby but also to maybe snap us out of this rut.  It gave us something slightly different to think about.  Sure it's the same old boring chicken tortilla soup but when you make it in a three gallon batch and need a huge paddle to mix it, it at least brings something new to the table.

In two weeks we have managed to almost max out the deep freezer.  Before you ask, because I know it is coming, we use glad and zip lock one quart (written as Large) and 1/2 quart containers (written as small).  The large is enough for just hubby and I without adding anything to it if we don't want.  However we can make them go further by putting it over rice or noodles depending on the item.  This clearly means that the 1/2 quart or small items are single serve unless once again beefed up so to speak.

So here is what we made...

  9 large containers
  3 small containers

  4 large containers
  4 small containers

Italian Chicken Lentil Soup
  6 large containers

Chicken Tortilla Soup (minus Tortillas)
  8 large containers
  7 small containers

Red Beans and rice (without rice)
  2 large containers

  1 large container
  3 small containers

Mystery Meals (meals not labeled and unsure what they are)
  2 large - stew like meals I am guessing

Meatballs (4-6 per package precooked)
  17 packages

Spinach Stuffed Shells (uncooked)
  3 large bags
  9 small bags

Crawfish (cooked)
  12 packages

Chicken (processed)
  1 Single breast
  4 double breasts
  4 chopped

Ground Beef
  10 one pound packages

I also need to pick up 2-3 small whole chickens when they are on sale and I would like to prep 2-3 different types of crockpot meals.  Ones I can prep and defrost for a night I feel like doing some light cooking.  Overall though I am happy with what is there. I have set myself up for eating well after the baby is born and I am on my own because of deployment.

This hasn't totally pulled us out of the kitchen rut but it was beneficial.  By making the bulk meals it has seemed to make us want to try cooking something new.  Even if its just a different type of homemade buffalo wings.  Speaking of which I am being called in to help make sauces for them as I type.  Ok off to cook!

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  1. I think that's an awesome idea, it will make things so much easier for you.


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