Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bump Update #18 - 31 weeks

Bump Update

How far along: 31 weeks, 2 day

Due Date:  August 18, 2013

Baby’s Size:   The baby is somewhere between the size of a head of lettuce (18in, 3.2lbs) and the size of a pineapple (15.2in, 2.5lbs).  I am hoping at the next doctors appointment that they will do more than just a tape measure to my belly and monitor the heart rate of the baby.

Total weight gain:
   As of this morning I am currently 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight.  The doctor thinks this is fine so that's good enough for me.

Sleep:   This is something I am struggling with.  I sleep horribly!  In fact the only time it feels like I get any decent sleep is when I am laying on the floor curled up with the puppies.  Try as I might I just can't seem to duplicate that sleeping position when I try to fall asleep in bed.  I know it has everything to do with the physical position I am I'm when laying on the floor.  I have no trouble breathing. my sinuses don't bother me, and my hips don't hurt.  All of these things seem to get to me at night in bed.  

Best Moment this week:  Helping hubby record bedtime stories on camera for Baby A.  He is so sweet when he does it.  We have a had so many good laughs while working on this.  It really is a memory I will treasure forever.

Worst Moment this week:  Finding out that I will in fact be delivering this baby without Hubby.  "Word came in" and he will be deployed for the birth.  We are about 99% sure he won't be here.  I know that I am not the first one to deliver while their hubby is deployed and I know I won't be the last.  However, I ask that you all please pray as we have one last shot at hubby being home.  Its a small shot but it's the best that we have right now.  

Miss anything:  Sleep.  Runny eggs. Cold deli sandwiches. Being able to move gracefully.  I could keep going but I'll stop here.   

Food Cravings: Nothing that stands out this week.

Food Aversion:  Onions but this is nothing new.  I hated them before pregnancy only now they make me gag.  

Labor Pains:  Nothing real.  Thankfully.

Movement:  Tons.  I am starting to notice a pattern a bit in his sleep and awake times.  

Belly Picture:  once again I forgot to do this.  I may snap a pic later today and update this but we shall see.

Belly Button in or out:  in but its getting closer and closer to popping out.

Baby / Parenting Book I am Currently Reading:  I just finished up the happiest baby on the block.  I had some interesting points.  so that I will take into consideration.

Looking forward to:  The next appointment.  Although that isn't until the second week in July.    

This week’s Baby Task: Finish helping hubby record the bedtime stories.  Clean up the odds and ends around the nursery that need to find a home.  I also need the bouncer put together.  Then hubby wants my hospital bag packed and ready to go before he leaves.  I know its crazy early but it makes sense since I will be without assistance for the most part.  Fingers crossed it won't be needed.

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