Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bump Update #16 - 29 weeks

Bump Update

How far along: 29 weeks, 1 day - This was Monday but it never posted and I updated some so Today is 29 weeks, 3 days

Due Date:  August 18, 2013

Baby’s Size:   The baby is somewhere between the size of a small cabbage (17in, 2.9lbs) and the size of an acorn squash (15.2in, 2.5lbs).

Total weight gain:
 I am currently up 4lbs as of this morning.  I'll take it!  At this rate I could very well hit my pre pregnancy weight the day I give birth.  Who knows though.  I still have a bunch of growing left to do over the next 11 weeks.  

Sleep:   Sleep was slightly better for me this week.  I was able to have a couple of really good nights rest that have made me feel a million times better this week,

Best Moment this week:  Hearing a strong heartbeat from Mudbug eased a bit of my anxiety since the fall.  Not sure if I mentioned it but I had a fall to which they recommended me to come in and get monitored for several hours.  Thankfully both of us were cleared by the doctor that day with nothing wrong more than a bruise on my hip.  I have been eagerly waiting to hear that his heartbeat to reassure myself that everything was OK.

Worst Moment this week:  Failing the 1 hour glucose test.  More on this and the   results of my 3 hour later this week.

Miss anything:  Sleeping on my back, running, having energy, and being flexible without this big old belly.

Food Cravings/Aversion:  I have been craving cold cut sandwiches, waffles, Cereal and milk.  Lets just say I haven't denied myself any of these.  Aversions is a slightly afraid to say that I am going to try Penne Alla Betsy with my own pasta.  This is hubby's request as I am avoiding shrimp but I guess I can't with this one.  We shall see how this goes.

Labor Pains:  Thankfully no!  A bit of Braxton Hicks contractions but nothing consistent.

Movement:  Tons! he is moving all the time now.

Belly Picture:  This pic is from Friday but it's the closest to 29 weeks that I have.

Belly Button in or out:  In still!  Fingered and toes crossed it stays this way!

Stretch Marks:  Ummmm... I have stretch marks from this pregnancy but they haven't gotten any worse thankfully.  

Baby / Parenting Book I am Currently Reading:  Nothing currently.  I am gathering a list for books I want to download onto my Nook for when baby A is here.  They don't have to be parenting books per say but there are two I still want to read.  The rest are just fun reads for me.  Something to do when the baby is nursing and I can't do much else.

Looking forward to:  The next appointment and having the nursery feel like it's at a place where I feel the baby could come home to.

This week’s Baby Task: Paint the new canvases I bought for Baby A's room! I also need to put away all the items we got on the Houston trip for the baby.  There are also items that need to be put together too.  

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