Friday, June 28, 2013

Braxton HIcks or real labor

Well here's the deal... Unless you are hooked up to a machine those consistent clockwork contractions I am having will be called braxton hicks even if they aren't.  After 12 hours of these getting slightly more intense as they radiate from my back forward I break down and call the nurse once again.

This nurse tells me exactly what the other one has.  She runs down the list of guidelines used to judge if you should come in or not.

1.  At 32 weeks, 6 contractions within one hour.
       I am having 2 every hour.  one on the hour and one on the half hour.  They aren't progressively getting closer together but they are getting slightly more intense the longer this goes on.  Enough to wake me from a half asleep state.

2. You are leaking fluid and/or your water has broken.
       Aside from using the facilities a ton more from the mass amount of water I have been drinking I don't have this "symptom."  At least not yet anyway.

3. Bleeding like that of a period.  More than just spotting.
        I thankfully don't have this and really don't want to ever have to deal with this while pregnant.

4. After drinking a cold drink I am instructed to lay down on my left side and do kick counts.  Anything less than 5 in an hour could be reason to come in.
       At this point he moves in more of a pattern.  I think he has his time when he sleep (when I am more active) and times when he is awake (when I am less active).  These contractions haven't seemed to effect him as he is still moving around but I honestly couldn't say if it was more or less than normal as these contractions have been going on for half a day.

SO basically I fulfill nothing on this list to warrant me to go in and get checked out.  Nothing except the concern of thinking that having contractions this long isn't good.  At least not this rhythmically long.  I could almost set my watch by it.  They are coming every hour on the hour (give or take a minute) and every half an hour on the half an hour (give or take a minute).  They last in duration about 45 seconds each and started from just the front of my uterus contracting to it starting in my lower back and radiating forward.

24 hours of this later and I am still at home monitoring the situation.  Still reluctant to go in.  I don't want to be the first time pregnant woman who cried labor.  However at 24 hours and contractions not getting any closer together or showing any signs of stopping I have to question my choice of not going in.  All the what if start running through my mind.

What if this is real labor and I am dilating without knowing it?  What if I have this baby at 32 weeks and my pride stopped me from going in to stop it?  Granted I want hubby home for the birth but not like this!  Hubby says follow the doctors orders, but he is in the military and told not question "orders."

36 hours later and the Contractions are still going on.

48 hours comes and goes and they are still ever present.  This is the time limit I gave me self that if they didn't go away by now then I should go in.  I give a call in to the nurse only to be spoon fed the exact same response as was given to me every other time I have called.  I decide to wait it out another 12 hours  until the morning and see where I am at then.

It isn't until right around 62 hours of these consistent 30 minute apart contractions start to lessen in strength.  The next contractions over the following hours continue to weaken.

Finally at around 65 hours in the distance between the contractions starts to lengthen.  I am not having one every hour but they are happening randomly with the hour.  The next several hours continue just like this.  I then get two hours of 3 contractions each however they are random in duration and time in between.    I once again don't meet the minimum requirement to go in.

Now at 72 hours since this whole thing started I am only having 1 contraction every other hour or so.  Nothing consistent.

Thankfully I feel like I made it though this.  I however will not let myself go this long without being checked out.  Especially knowing that my appointment isn't until 34 weeks.  So I have another 2 weeks until I see the over booked post doctor.  Hopefully this won't happen again but if it does you can bet your butt I won't wait it out like I did this time.

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  1. So glad that you made it through, praying it doesn't happen again.


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