Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toys from my past

A few weeks ago my father was cleaning out the attic and called me asking if I wanted any of my old toys.  Things that stuck around year after year but never got sold.  There weren't too many that I even would have wanted.  I asked for him to send me a list what is there and anything I didn't want he could sell.  There is very little that I actually wanted.  Especially since this baby isn't a girl.  We figured holding onto a few small items won't hurt.  I figured it would interesting to share with you all what stuck around after all of these years.  Yes they date me.

Lets start with what I kept hoping for a girl in the future.

I thought that while the actual show that these "barbies" came from will be lost on any child of mine, they would be an interesting variation on the traditional barbie dolls.

Along with the 90210 barbie dolls, my dad picked out a few of the barbies that were in a good shape.  He also threw a hand full of accessories into a sandwich baggie.  He then found this barbie house that collapses down.  It fits into the roof.  Small and compact works for me.  

I don't know if these were worth saving as they now have all the Disney princesses in barbie size but oh well. These were thrown into a bag an kept.  I honestly don't know if these will stick around as there are several newer ones on the market.  I might send these to my niece when she gets a bit older.  

Oh Jenny!  was one of my favorite toys as a kid.  I however only kept the camper and a bit of the people.  No need to keep the whole "dream world" when the stickers were falling off of it and it had seen better days. 

This calico critters were compact enough to keep so they stuck around.  

The final toy I kept was a few polly pockets.  

These are the things I have no idea why they didn't get sold years ago.

There ere 6 of these.  Why on earth did I need 6 of them?

The cupcake dolls... really weren't that fun to me but everyone kept buying them for me.

Glow bugs were something I liked but they had seen far better days that is not even remotely worth keeping.

And pound puppies?  The show was good the toy wasn't.

After going through all of my toys my dad asked my brother if he wanted any of his old toy and anything I didn't want.  He took some barbies and pound puppies for his daughter and his old ninja turtles for when his son.  Then the rest of his toys got offered to me.  There weren't many in things that I remember or even hubby remembered but this is what we took.

 Construx was something hubby really liked as a kid.  There is almost a shoe box filled with the parts of several sets.

Apparently my father says these were both of our until I discovered barbies and moved on from them.  I do remember playing with them but hopefully Baby A will like them.  Oh for those of you who don't know what these are called Food Fighters.

There was about a sandwich bag full for the micro machines and two small play sets to go along with them.  Again these I am not so sure are worth keeping as they make similar items to these today.  Oh well they are small.

Being in the military we had to keep the box pretty small.  All of the toys, except the barbie house, fits into a pretty small toy chest.  overall I think its a pretty good mix of toys. Hopefully they will get some use if not with Baby A then with one of his future siblings.  If our kids don't like them then oh well they get sold at yard sale or given to a niece or nephew of ours.

Are there any toys you kept for your kids or any you wish you had kept?

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  1. Haha I love this! oh my goodness, popples!!!! Ahh I had so many of those.


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