Wednesday, May 8, 2013

crafting and the nursery - Clothing Dividers

I have dozens of crafts I would love to be able to do for the nursery.  Sadly I will not have time for them all so I have had to narrow them down and put some on the back burner for the next baby.  The first craft I decided to venture into was clothing dividers.  I did tons of research to find ones pre-made but they were either too simple or far too expensive for my liking.  So off to the craft store I went.

I picked up 11 door hangers, various pre-made wooden animals, paint to match the nursery bedding, and some paint brushes.  At home I had foam brushes, a plastic paint palette (paper plates would have worked too), a high temp hot glue gun and glue sticks.  Total I would say I paid maybe $18.  Most of the items were on sale which helped out a ton.

Above are the different wooden animals I picked up.  

I started off by having my husband cut a notch in the side so they would be able to hang on the rod in the closet.  Sadly I also needed to angle the top piece as it hit the shelf that is a bit too close to the rod.  Gotta love rental homes.  Once He finished that I look some light sand paper to the door hangers to smooth out all of the edges so nothing would stick to the clothing.

Much like the picture above I laid out all the door hangers and places on animal on each.  I then decided what colors I wanted each of them painted and marked them with a dab of paint.  

I put the animals aside and began to paint the door hangers.  The wooden hangers absorbed far more paint than I had anticipated.  It took 3-4 some even 5 coats of paint to make them look good to me.

Next I wrote the various sizes below the hangers.  I wanted to use the most common sizes (newborn - 4T) I easily could have done less but I had the materials so I just went ahead and made them all.  Sure enough I played around with the order of the colors and what animals I wanted where. 

Since the sizes of infant clothing vary depending on company, I decided to include the single size in the with its smaller counterpart.  For example I have found that items labeled 3 months really range in size from 2 months to 4 months.  Since they are more of an in between size I put items with the smaller size.  3 months went with my 0-3month clothing verse the 3-6month clothing.  In the closet I put those items in the back of the section.  Yes I am particular about organization.  

Once again I moved the animals off the hangers and began writing the sizes one the front and back of the hangers.  The side showing above is the back of them.  I wrote the sizes larger on the back as the animals would be going on the front of them.

A closer look at the front.  For some you can see I put the animal on the hanger to see where the size would fit best.

Lastly, I used my high temp glue gun to add the animals.   High temp glue guns work best for adhering a wooden items together.  Add a significant amount of hot glue to the back of each animal and press firmly into place.  I allowed it a minute to cool before I removed my hand.  Note too much glue will spill out and look sloppy.  Too little and it wont hold well.  

The blue, yellow and green colors are all the same among the pictures, there is just horrible lighting in my living room that makes them look differently among the pictures.  This pictures is the closest to the true colors.

Here is the finished product.  I let them dry overnight and then hung them up in the closet.  If I had clothing hung up then I would have shown you a pic of them in the closet but you can use your imagination for that.

Things I wish I had done differently...

I wish I had painted the door hangers white before painting them the various colors.  It would have cut down on the amount of colorful paint used and allowed the colors to be more vibrant.  The green color is a prefect example of that.  It is a far lighter color than what it turned out to be because I did not prime them with white first.

I wish I had added another color to that matched with the crib bedding, like a pale orange.  I think it could have added a little something to it.

While this isn't a terribly big thing I would have used a stencil or a stamp of some sort to write the sizes on the dividers.  It would have looked cleaner.  However my hand writing didn't come out too terrible.

I wish I hadn't done so many!  Yup I said it.  I did all the most common American sizes.  I however don't think I needed to do as many as I did though.  I could have stopped at 18-24 month clothing and have been perfectly content with those.


  1. These are so amazing!!!!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! You are on top of it, woman. Looks good.

    1. Thank you, I hope so. I want to make sure I have everything planned out as much a possible.

  3. Those are adorable!! I'll have to remember that idea. :)

    1. Thank you... Just make sure to read the tips I put at the end. It would have made the project that much easier.


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