Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bump Update #13 - 26 weeks

Bump Update

How Far Along: 26 weeks, 2 day 

Due Date:  August 18, 2013

Nickname(s): Mudbug is the name we seem to use the most.  This is probably what I will use most on here but if you see Baby A pop up I am referring to the same baby.

Baby’s Size:  The baby is somewhere between the size of a cucumber (15in, 2.2lbs) and a head of lettuce (13.6in, 1.5lbs).

Total Weight Gain: I am up 2lbs as of this morning.  I figured this would be the case as my belly is getting bigger each week.

Maternity Clothes:  When not in public i am testing the limits of my non maternity clothing.  However in public I make sure to wear maternity clothing so I don't look too weird.  

Sleep:  A sleep, where have you gone.  Aside from the many bathroom break I am finding that every night at some point I will wake up for about a solid hour, then fall blissfully back asleep.  That is when I am not dealing with nausea all night long.  

Best Moment this week:  Relaxing on mother's day was joyous.  Granted I am technically not a mother yet, my hubby made sure that it was a nice day for me seeing as he will likely not be here for the next one thanks to deployment.  He took care of the dogs, let me sleep in, ran to the store to pick up the groceries that I forgot and surprised me with breakfast and flowers.  We then did a bit of work before settling into an evening of watching Big Bang and eating spinach stuffed shells.  It might not be an official mothers day but I'll take it.   Now to figure out what to do for hubby for fathers day.     

Miss anything:   The taste of a delicious runny egg or a cold cut sandwich that doesn't need to be heated.  Being able to get out of bed without feeling like I performed some crazy gymnastics move.  A good nights sleep while laying on my back.  A glass of Riesling on a cool summers evening.  Being able to make the bed without feeling winded.  

Food Cravings:  There hasn't been many cravings throughout this pregnancy but the ones I have had do seem to stick around.  Fresh cut veggies for example seem to be at the top of my craving list.  

Food Aversions:  Shrimp is on my list of food to avoid until after baby is born.  I don't want repeated bad experience to cause me to not like something anymore just because I am pregnant.

Movement:  He is moving a ton daily!  I actually get freaked out when I don't feel him move every so often.  

Gender:  He is all boy.

Memorable Moment:  Not realizing the size of my growing belly.  I not only knocked into some poor girl thinking I could fit between her and a wall, but my baby bump also knocked over a glass.  Thankfully it was empty but oh so embarrassing.

Symptoms:  The nausea is back as is the heartburn.  I don't know if it from something I am doing like eating meals that are a touch too big or eating too late.  For now I am just going to just try to deal with the symptoms.  

Belly Picture:  Once again this is a fail this week.  I forgot to take a picture of the belly.  However I must say that it is crazy the difference between the size of my belly from the morning to the evening.  It is insane.  This is one of the oddest things about pregnancy so far for me.

Baby / Parenting Book I am Currently Reading:  After a short break from reading I am back and reading Jenny McCarthy's belly laughs.  it's short stories make this a quick read.

Looking Forward to:    Next week is my cyber baby shower.  This should be interesting to say the least.

This week’s Baby Task:  I am cleaning the house room by room and preparing for a yard sale.  We have waaaaaay too much crap that just needs to go.  Throughout this process I need to find the blank canvas that I need in order to make the nursery art.  


  1. How fun that you are having a cyber baby shower, can't wait to hear about it.

    1. I will be writing about it... lol


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