Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adventures of a cyber baby shower

Since our families are all across the country and abroad a Cyber Baby Shower seemed like the best option. My Mother in Law (MIL) and Sister in Law (SIL) were going to surprise me with this the day of the shower with the help of Hunter of course.  This is where I know Hunter is smarter than I give him credit for.  He spoke up to his family and said surprising me even a week or two out would be a bad idea.  In his exact words... "I have to still live with her after this and surprises don't go over well."  He's right had he sprung this on me that day I would have been pissed.  Very, very pissed.  Thankfully he told me a little over a month out.

For those of you wondering what a Cyber baby shower is let me explain as it isn't as complicated as it seems.  The idea is to get everyone together online at the same time on "video chat."  Depending on the number of people there are "attending" there are several different sites that can be used.  If there is going to be 10 or less (including yourself in the number) I would suggest using skype.  One person pays for Skype Premium for a month that about $10 and everyone else can have a free skype account.  The person with premium would "call" everyone attending and it is just a matter of them picking up and joining in with video.  It's easier than it sounds if everyone already has an up to date free account.

The people "attending" the shower can send gifts ahead of time for you to open online as they did with me.  I simply piled the boxes in the corner and made sure to not order anything around the time of the shower as I knew I wouldn't be able to open anything that came.  In addition to the gifts, my MIL and SIL send me a few items to make the shower more festive.  A diaper cake, corsage, and items needed for the games we would play.

The diaper cake was shipped in pieces and we stacked it on the table.  I sadly don't have a pic of what it looked like as a whole because I took it apart before even thinking to take a picture of it. There was close to 80 diapers that made it up.  Then they embellished it with various baby items like teething rings and pacifiers.

The corsage was also a neat idea.  My MIL found a rattle/teething ring, attached a big ribbon and a fake flower to it.  I was supposed to pin it to my shirt but it was too heavy so I attached it to some hair ties and wore it on my wrist.  I think it worked out better on my wrist anyway.

The games were interesting.  The first was "guess the size of the belly." They asked everyone to have a roll of toilet paper handy.  They then needed to guess how many full squares without going over it took to fit around the largest part of my baby bump.  I have seen this done at actual baby showers with yarn where they you to cut a piece of string the that would fit around the belly.  The toilet paper is just something everyone has on hand.  My SIL asked everyone one by one their guesses which she wrote down.  The person who guessed the closest without going over would be mailed a prize.

the second game was to "guess the number of m&m's in the sippy cup."  Again something I had seen done before with a baby bottle.  I was sent the sippy cup pre-filled with m&m's to hold up for everyone to see. Again the took answers and mailed the winner a prize.

To kill a bit of time we did a quick tour of the nursery by walking the laptop around to show what progress had been done as likely only my MIL and possibly SIL will get a chance to see it in person.  This made me thankful that it is almost complete.

Overall it was an interesting experience.  Besides a few snags with people not knowing much about computers it worked rather well or talking all at once, it worked well.  We were able to see and hear everyone which was nice since we hardly get together being so far spread out across the country and a few being abroad.  I think this is something that might happen again as hubby and I are on the older end of our siblings and cousins.

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